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Love Island Viewers Creeped Out Over 'Editing' Fail As Faye's Head Disappears And Doubles

Love Island Viewers Creeped Out Over 'Editing' Fail As Faye's Head Disappears And Doubles

Wait, what?

Love Island has been unmissable this year, with Casa Amor being a real turning point for season seven.

The arrival of a new set of boys and girls have really stirred up even the couples we thought were unbreakable – with Teddy Soares and Faye Winter looking as if they’re on the rocks following the arrival of that postcard.

Casa Amor postcard
Casa Amor postcard

But while we’re on edge to discover whether Teddy will come back single, or whether Faye will choose to couple up with a new boy, others have been more taken with just exactly where Faye’s head is at – literally.

In a scene from an episode from the past week that was posted to TikTok, user KendallHuntee shared a moment where Faye’s head seemingly ‘disappears’ and then reappears split as she walks.

Kendall wrote to her 34.7k followers: “Another editing mistake, Love Island?

The clip, which has since been watched over a million times, saw many viewers left baffled by what happened.

“I want an explanation!” one person commented.

Faye's head seemingly vanishes (

“Is this a bug in the simulation?” a second joked, while a third said: “Wait what?”

However, it appears there’s a simple explanation as to what just happened to Faye’s head.

“It’s a simple editing stamp pasting process that is used on most shows,” one person said. “It’s a layer to hide the cameras.”

Well, that solves that mystery, then.

Faye's head is then mirrored (

But that’s not the first Love Island scene that has left viewers scratching their heads.

Earlier this year, viewers were confused as it seemed Kaz Kamwi managed to teleport out of thin air.

After a brutal double dumping, Hugo Hammond and Liam Reardon decided to have a catch-up on the day beds alongside Aaron Francis.

The boys had gone for a chat (

But suddenly, as the boys decided to go their separate ways to head to bed, viewers were left baffled at the sudden appearance of villa favourite Kaz.

Kaz was sat with Aaron, who had put his arm around her. But in the previous scene, Kaz wasn’t there at all – leaving fans scratching their heads.

“Where did Kaz come from, I’m so confused?” one person questioned on Twitter.

Kaz seemingly appeared out of nowhere (

A second added: “I’m sorry, but where did Kaz come from… she was not in between Aaron and Liam,” alongside several cry-laughing emojis.

A third said: “Where did Kaz come from?” before asking producers to “at least try” with their edits, while a fourth agreed: “Nahhh what sort of editing?! How did Kaz appear in between the boys like that?”

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available to watch the next day on BritBox.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/TikTok - kendallhuntee

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