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Love Island Fans Not Impressed As Danny Mocks Lucinda With One-Liner

Love Island Fans Not Impressed As Danny Mocks Lucinda With One-Liner

Danny Bibby raised eyebrows last night as he mocked Lucinda's voice when dealing with the fact she preferred Aaron to him.

Love Island was full of dramz last night. The 'Snog, Marry, Pie' challenge ruffled a few feathers, and then there was the Danny-Lucinda-Aaron love triangle which continued to rage on.

During Monday night's episode, Lucinda finally decided it was Aaron she wanted after they shared their first smooch (or two) during the game.

But even before the challenge took place, Danny could be seen getting riled up at the lack of attention she was paying him, in scenes which have raised eyebrows among viewers at home.

Mocking Lucinda's Brighton accent as he discussed her non-committal attitude, Danny told Jake and Liam: "Yeah, I like everyone really...", imitating the 21-year-old model.

Check out a clip below:

But some viewers at home weren't impressed, suggesting he hadn't known Lucinda long enough to impersonate her.

"Danny mocking Lucinda just because she hasn’t fallen head over heels for him yet makes me uncomfortable," one person wrote.

While another penned: "The way Danny mocked Lucinda's accent because she doesn't know whether she likes him or not fills me with an unblinding range throughout my whole being and soul!"

Danny mocked Lucinda's accent (


As a fourth agreed: "We can mock Lucinda’s voice. Liam can mock’s Lucinda. Danny you’ve been there 5 mins".

"Danny mocking Lucinda just shows men might find you peng but don’t mean they respect you or like your personality …. I hate it here," someone else pointed out.


That wasn't the only talking point of the episode, as fans also flocked to Twitter to discuss the rather misleading editing last night.

In the preview at the end of Sunday's show, it looked like there was going to be drama when Liberty Poole saw her beau Jake Cornish snogging Kaz Kamwi during the game.

But in actual fact, she didn't bat an eyelid.

Of course, Jake did choose to marry Liberty, so we can kind of see his logic. And we were feeling for AJ, who received a pie based on the fact Jake didn't know her as well as the others.

Lucinda snogged Aaron in the game (

But viewers were fuming, with one tweeting: "The editing team on Love Island need a raise because the way they made the Kaz snog on Jake seem mad deep, just for the episode to be this mellow."

It was a rather dramatic game of snog, marry, pie. In the challenge, Danny chose to (literally) pie Lucinda, snog AJ and marry Millie.

But it kind of backfired. Shortly after, Aaron chose to snog Lucinda, and when it was Lucinda's turn, she said she "wasn't a petty person" and chose to snog Aaron, explaining the first kiss was "so good she was going back for seconds".

And it looks like the pair have finally hit it off, after they shared a third kiss later in the evening by the firepit.

Sorry Danny, it looks like you're the one who really got pied.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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