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Love Island Fans Think This Is The Real Reason Amy Is With Hugo

Love Island Fans Think This Is The Real Reason Amy Is With Hugo

Is she really doing this?

Love Island has embraced the chaos in the last week, thanks to the arrival of Casa Amor.

The boys have had their heads well and truly turned as they headed into the new villa, joined by a bevy of beauties.

Meanwhile, the girls have been left pining for their partners, before deciding to well and truly get grafting after the arrival of that postcard.

Casa Amor has also seen friendzoned favourite Hugo Hammond finally find someone he’s interested in – sharing a kiss with Amy Day.

You can watch a video below.

However, some more sceptical Love Island viewers don’t believe Hugo’s affections are reciprocated – with many speculating Amy is just seeing Hugo as an easy way to get into the main villa and stay on Love Island.

Posting on the Love Island Banter Facebook group, one person wrote: “Amy is gritting it with Hugo. She is not that into him. Totally faking it to get visa for main villa,” – and many were quick to agree.

People are doubting Amy's sincerity (

“She looks repulsed by him,” another agreed, while a third person said: “Anyone else think Amy sees Hugo as an easy ticket into the villa? It's awkward.”

A fourth shrewd viewer pointed out Amy’s attitude towards Hugo seemed to have changed hugely over the last few days.

“She dissed him the first night and slept with Tyler, then totally ignored him the second night,” they said. “Then she thought, oh s***, better couple up or I’m out.”

Fans thought Amy was unimpressed during their bed session (

“Yep, when they’re kissing you can tell it’s strained, and she’s not enjoying it,” concurred a fifth viewer. “It’s kinda like hmmm ok here we go again.”

“It's blatant that she's not into it and she's used him as a meal ticket. Her skin looks like it could crawl off when he kisses her,” a sixth laughed.

Others pointed out that Hugo may not be that keen on Amy either, especially as his actions towards her seemed equally forced.

Amy seemed to be pulling away from Hugo (

“Hugo didn't want to kiss her....he wiped his mouth when he walked off,” said one viewer, while a second said: “They just don’t look right together…”

Well, they’re back in the main villa now, let’s see just how long they last….

Love Island continues weekdays and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Episodes are available to watch the next day on BritBox.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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