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Love Island Fans Question Sharon’s Feelings For Hugo After Recoupling

Love Island Fans Question Sharon’s Feelings For Hugo After Recoupling

Sharon Gaffka confessed to Kaz Kamwi that she has feelings for Hugo Hammond after their re-coupled as friends.

Love Island fans have aired their concerns on social media after Sharon Gaffka revealed to fellow islander Kaz Kamwi that she is starting to have feelings for Hugo Hammond.

Sharon and Hugo coupled up at the start of the series but remained friends after mutually agreeing that they weren't attracted to each other.

On Monday, viewers watched with bated breath as the guys chose which girl to couple up with. Hugo decided to team up with Sharon once again in order to save her from being dumped and to give her a chance to find a match.

After the recoupling, Sharon confessed her feelings to Kaz. “Sharing a bed this time around is very different. I do think he is fit but is it that I just think he’s fit and nothing else,” she said.

Sharon and Hugo coupled up again this week (

Kaz responds: “It’s not that you just think he’s fit because you guys actually get along. You like him as a person.”

Sharon adds: I think I did rule it out in the beginning but I think seeing qualities that were missing in Aaron and seeing them in Hugo has made me really think things through. He’s a really good communicator and we talk about everything and anything.” 

Kaz makes it her mission to find out if Hugo is having similar thoughts. Speaking with Hugo, Kaz asks: “Do you have this with Shaz, right? You get along as friends and you don’t know if it's just pure friendship or more, or not really? You guys were coupled up on the first day?”

Love Island fans flocked to Twitter after Sharon revealed her true feelings for Hugo (

Unfortunately for Sharon, it seems the P.E. teacher can only see them remaining as friends.

Viewers took to Twitter after watching Sharon's unexpected change of heart, with some viewers claiming that the civil servant was "faking" her feelings to secure her place in the villa for the next recoupling.

"As if Sharon is into Hugo??? She'd do anything to stay in," one Twitter user wrote.

Hugo cried after a heated debate with Sharon last week (

A second viewer said: "I don't trust Sharon at all, pretending she fancies hugo so she can stay in."

Some fans mentioned the argument the pair had last week, after Hugo made comments about not liking "fake" girls which sent shockwaves through the villa. Sharon confronted Hugo and chastised his comments while speaking about the reasons why she and other women choose to have cosmetic procedures which led to Hugo crying.

Another person shared: "Didn't Sharon make Hugo cry?? Now she’s wants to be with him? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE".

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