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Love Island Fans Spot Clue That Clarisse And Teddy Will Crack On After Casa Amor

Love Island Fans Spot Clue That Clarisse And Teddy Will Crack On After Casa Amor

Love Island fans think Clarisse has a better connection with Teddy and wants to crack on with him in the main villa.

This week Love Island fans have been on the edge of their seats as Casa Amor put all the OG boys to the ultimate test by introducing six new bombshells.

Sparks initially flew between Teddy Soares and new girl Clarisse Juliette, with the pair locking lips during a game of truth or dare - organised by the other Islanders - and an even having an unaired kiss in the pool.

Tyler and Clarisse shared a bed the previous night (

Despite their obvious attraction, Teddy decided to remain loyal to Faye Winter and slept on the day-bed every night outside with Jake Cornish.

Subsequently, fellow Islander Tyler Cruickshank, who is coupled up with Kaz Kamwi, explored his attraction to Clarisse and invited her to share his bed where the pair had a late night snog.

But does that really mean things are over with Teddy and Clarisse?

Let's just say, some fans don't think so...

Despite how things were progressing with Tyler, Clarisse asked Teddy during Thursday's episode, if he would share a bed with her.

You can watch their flirty conversation below:

In the beach hut, Teddy confessed: “I’m trying to be good Ted I’m not trying to be bad Ted and she [Clarisse] can definitely bring out the bad Ted.

"And it’s hard to reel him in to be honest, it’s really hard.”

When we see the pair talking outside Clarisse asked: “If I said, like, 'come and stay with me' what would you say?”

Teddy said he has sexual chemistry with Clarisse (

Teddy, who was clearly flustered, responded: “I’d say I’m not sure because love has been in the air”. 

Referencing their sexual attraction, Teddy added: “There’s sexual attraction. I’m sure I’m not the only person who realises that in this conversation right now.”

After watching the flirty chat take place, viewers flocked to social media to suggest that Clarisse wants to pursue Teddy once she makes it into the main villa, courtesy of Tyler.

One viral tweet said: "So we all know Clarisse is using Tyler as a passport to crack on with Teddy in the villa right?"

While a second fan tweeted: "She even asked teddy to come to her bed just after kissing Tyler."

And a third viewer said: "Clarisse fancies Teddy more than Tyler lol she’s gonna crack onto him when Tyler brings her to the villa and Teddy is single."

We can't wait to see what happens!

Love Island continues weekdays at 9pm on ITV 2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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