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Love Island Viewers Are Struggling To Decode Chloe's One-Liner

Love Island Viewers Are Struggling To Decode Chloe's One-Liner

You may need subtitles for this one.

Love Island fans have been left stumped by Chloe Burrows and her voice throughout this series.

The Bicester-based beauty often comes across well-spoken and polite on the show - but then, on other occasions, we're left struggling to understand what she says.

For example, last night's show - watch the video below.

Chloe pulled ex Toby Aromolaran for a chat by the fire pit to discuss things between himself and newcomer Abigail.

But as the pair concluded their discussion, fans were left straining their ears at what Chloe said.

Posting on the Love Island Banter 2021 Facebook group, one fan asked: "What is she saying? I have listened to this so many times and can’t understand her."

And others were left similarly baffled.

Toby and Chloe had a chat about their villa sitch (

"I have subtitles on for this series - can’t heard a word anyone is saying but can hear them kissing," one person said.

A second added: "I can only get the 'that’s okay' but not a clue on the rest."

While a third said: "I’m finding it hard to understand quite a few of them this year!"

Chloe isn't the only Islander this season who boasts a distinctive tone.

Recently dumped Islander Lucinda Strafford found her strong accent, and the way she drawls out vowels in sentences, something that was regularly joked about by the others in the villa.

Lucinda and Brad also had thick accents (

Meanwhile, Brad McClelland's strong Northumberland accent made him almost impossible to understand - with many thinking the labourer from Northumberland was a 'Libra from North London.'

In other Love Island news, fans were left cringeing when Hugo Hammond was seemingly pied off by Chloe when he went in for a kiss, only to receive her cheek.

Chloe didn't reciprocate, instead going straight for a hug after being saved from the public.

But many people claim to have seen Hugo puckering up, and instead awkwardly planting the kiss on the side of Chloe's head as she embraced him.

We really cannot cope right now...

Love Island continues weeknights and Sundays at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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