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Love Hard Fans Have A Theory About The Meaning Behind Title

Love Hard Fans Have A Theory About The Meaning Behind Title

It all makes sense now!

Christmas came early this month for those who adore cheesy rom-coms following the release of Netflix's Love Hard.

After being reduced to tears watching the festive tale, fans have now come up with a theory about the meaning behind it's rather unusual title.

The catfishing comedy stars The Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev, the film focuses on Natalie Bauer, a columnist based in Los Angeles.

She ends up meeting a guy named Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) on a dating app and falls head over heels in love. 

In the spirit of yuletide, she flies 3,000 miles across the country to surprise him in his hometown, but she soon finds out she's been catfished and Josh isn't who he said he was.

Love Hard might be a combination of Love Actually and Die Hard (
Catfishing is when someone uses another person’s pictures as their own to create a false identity on social media.

Natalie discovers Josh has been filling his dating profile with photos of a man named Tag (played by Darren Barnet).

As Natalie and Josh get to know each other, they reveal their ultimate Christmas movies.

One viewer on Twitter picked up on this and believes their choices actually inspired Love Hard's title.

Have Love Hard fans finally cracked the meaning behind the title (

"Wait a minute is the title of the movie Love Hard bc Josh’s fav christmas movie is Love Actually and Natalie’s is Die Hard??????"

We're definitely intrigued, and it seems lot of fans on Twitter also believe the theory adds up.

One Twitter user replied: "Wow !!! Thanks I didn’t notice but it makes sense."

Love Hard has left fans in tears (

Another fan tagged their friend, writing: "it makes so much more sense now."

A third person shared they watched the entire movie but didn't realise until after it ended. "I just finished watching it, how did I not put that together???"

One shocked fan tweeted: "Oh my goodness! Why didn't I figure that out! Now I want to watch it again."

And another user joked: "Sequel: Die, Actually."

Love Hard star Rebecca Staub appeared to confirm the theory (

Actress and one of the stars of Love Hard Rebecca Staab saw the fan theory doing he rounds on Twitter and seemingly confirmed it by responding to the tread with a simple "Yes!!!!"

Tyla has contacted Netflix for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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