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Viewers Are ‘Hooked’ Watching Louis Theroux’s True Crime Series The Bambers: Murder At The Farm

Viewers Are ‘Hooked’ Watching Louis Theroux’s True Crime Series The Bambers: Murder At The Farm

The documentary series explores the Jeremy Bamber case and the horrific circumstances surrounding his family’s death.

Louis Theroux's latest documentary series explores the Jeremy Bamber case and the shocking circumstances surrounding his family's mysterious deaths - and viewers are hooked.

Watch the trailer below:

The four-part series debuted on Sky Crime on Sunday and recounts the brutal 1985 murders in a secluded farmhouse in Essex where police found five dead bodies — a young mother Sheila Caffell, 26, her twin six-year-old sons, and her parents, Nevill and June Bamber, both 61. They had all been shot and killed. 

It appeared to be a murder-suicide by Sheila initially, however fresh evidence pointed to brother Jeremy Bamber. He was arrested, charged, and convicted of all five murders and sent to prison for life - however, he still maintains his innocence.

Sheila had a history of mental health problems and Jeremy claims she killed the family before ending her own life. 

Theroux believes the crime series will "divide" opinions. (

Bamber has had two rejected appeals against his guilty conviction and a High Court challenge to the Criminal Case Review Commission’s (CCRC) dismissal to refer his case for a third appeal in 2012.

Viewers are already engrossed in the series, which is executive produced by Theroux. One viewer reacted to the series on Twitter, writing: "Anyone watching the Bambers, Murder At The Farm? Bloody hooked."

While a second viewer tweeted: "Watching Bamber: Murder at the Farm on @SkyCrimeUK. Fascinating."

And a third Twitter user called the case "so tragic".

Some viewers believe Bamber is innocent while others wholeheartedly disagree. Theroux described the case as 'divisive' and urged people to approach the series “with an open mind, or at least in a spirit of curiosity”. 

The true crime series is a Sky Original. (

Speaking with Tyla, he said: "It's a case that continues to fascinate and intrigue people. It's a case that has kept in the headlines by the fact that Jeremy Bamber is consistently [and] has consistently maintained his innocence, and is in fact the only prisoner in the UK on a full-life tariff who has consistently maintained their innocence.

“Whether you believe he did it, or she did or even someone else did it. There are things that are hard to explain, and that’s I think what’s so intriguing, [and] so weird about the case."

The Bambers: Murder at The Farm continues on Sky Crime and NOW on Sundays at 9pm.

Featured Image Credit: Sky

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