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Last Christmas: People Are Loving The Film's Plot Twist

Last Christmas: People Are Loving The Film's Plot Twist

The Christmas rom-com has a rather shocking plot twist and viewers love it.

Christmas rom-coms are all we're watching right now, and one festive romance fans of the genre are completely obsessed with is the 2019 film Last Christmas.

Based on the iconic heartbreak anthem by Wham!, the film was finally added to Netflix UK in October, just in time for the festive season, and for rom-com fans to discover the film for the first time.

Written by Love Actually star and British cinema icon Emma Thompson, it stars Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke, Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding and Thompson herself.

Clarke plays Kate, a sofa-surfing young woman who works in a year-round Christmas store in Covent Garden, dressed as an elf.

Drifting from her friends and swerving contact with her worried mother (Thompson), she escapes reality by dreaming of becoming a singer.

But a chance encounter with a handsome stranger (Henry Golding) over some Christmas decorations sets Kate on a different path.

While it sounds like a typical rom-com affair, a jaw-dropping twist which completely changes the meaning of the film.

Kate and Tom's romance is not as it seems (
Universal Pictures)

During the film Kate reveals that a year earlier, she was seriously ill and had to have a heart transplant. She then realises that Tom was the organ donor whose heart she received and he's been dead all along.

He literally gave her his heart last Christmas!

Fans are naturally taking to social media after seeing Kate and Tom’s romance unfold in the most unexpected way.

“A must see. The plot twist was soooooo......I did not expect it at all,” one fan wrote.

Another shocked viewer shared: “LAST CHRISTMAS HAS THE BIGGEST F***ING PLOT TWIST EVER.”




While one person tweeted that the film was a ‘beautiful’ story and praised the twist. “Just watched 'Last Christmas' and it was not at all what I expected," they wrote. "I thought it was gonna be a sappy Christmas love story but no.

"It’s a beautiful story about self-discovery and family with an intense plot twist that completely reinterprets 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart.'"

A fourth viewer tweeted called the film “wholesome” and said they were “genuinely shocked” by the unexpected turn of events.

And some fans had quite an emotional reaction. "Thinking about me and my girlfriend watching Last Christmas and expecting a cringe cute romantic movie and was punched in the face by the plot twist."

Excuse us while we sob uncontrollably.

You can re-discover Last Christmas on Netflix in the UK and Amazon Prime in the US.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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