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I’m A Celebrity’s Adam Woodyatt Broke Big Camp Rule

I’m A Celebrity’s Adam Woodyatt Broke Big Camp Rule


According to campmate Snoochie Shy, Adam Woodyatt broke a major camp rule while in the celebrity castle.

Snoochie, 29, who was the third celeb to be voted off I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, explained that EastEnders star Adam had broken one of the camp rules, in a bid to get the BBC Radio 1 Xtra DJ some hair conditioner.

Snoochie said Adam broke a major rule (

She told Radio Times: “One of my best mates in there was Adam. I got on really well with Adam and we were talking about when we get out. I’m going to take him to a rap show and he’s going to take me to a musical.

“... He also stole some conditioner from the downstairs proper toilet.

"After a trial, if you get really wet, you’re allowed to have proper shower and you’re not allowed to take any of the stuff out of those showers into the castle – and Adam had snuck in some shea butter conditioner for my hair because I’d taken my braids out and had my natural hair out there.

"Adam took it and gave it to me. I think he may have got in trouble for that as well.”

How sneaky!

Adam took some hair conditioner for snoochie (

Adam was voted off the show on Friday night, alongside Olympic diver Matty Lee. And in Sunday evening's episode, the new King of the Castle was crowned as Emmerdale actor Danny Miller won the show.

Speaking on Monday morning, Danny discussed how difficult it has been to be away from his baby son during his time in camp.

"Fortunately for him, he has no idea but fortunately for me, I have missed him. He won't know but I certainly have. I'll spend the rest of my life making sure I make it up to him," he said.

"Albert is six and a half weeks now. I've not seen him yet, obviously I've stayed here in Wales and I've done the interviews. I'm waiting to go back today to see them, I can't wait to put him in my arms and see him again."

Danny was crowned winner (

Aw, congrats Danny!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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