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I'm A Celeb Fans Slam David Ginola's 'Sexist' Choice Of Camp Roles

I'm A Celeb Fans Slam David Ginola's 'Sexist' Choice Of Camp Roles

The camp leader is already in trouble.

Football legend David Ginola and Emmerdale's Danny Miller were responsible for divvying up the chores on I'm A Celebrity last night, as David was elected camp leader and Danny took on the role of deputy.

But some viewers weren't impressed with what roles they chose for who, noticing a pattern that some fans have labelled as "sexist".

Watch the clip below:

In the clip, David announces to the rest of the camp who he and Danny have chosen for certain duties, revealing that Naughty Boy and Kadeena Cox would be putting on their chef hats while Simon Gregson, Adam Woodyatt and Matty Lee on camp maintenance Arlene Phillips and Snoochie on cleaning duties (including, as Snoochie was sure to point out, poo patrol).

And there were some viewers who felt there was a slight sexist bias going on in deciding who would do what chores.

One person took to Twitter to say: "A bit sexist in the picking of the chores #ImACeleb".

It was up to David and Danny as camp leader and deputy to make the decisions (

Another viewer even decided they would be changing their voting tactics: "Just catching up with #ImACeleb and it hasn't gone un-noticed that David and Danny have given the tedious housework jobs to women and jobs such as cutting wood and making fires to men 🙄.

"Sexist pigs won't be getting my vote from now on, can someone let them know its 2021 not 1921".

"Very sexist chores @teamginola but I still wouldn't kick you out of bed 🤣🤣🤣 #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity @antanddec loving Danny's guy crush", tweeted one Twitter user who was still pretty taken by David.

Some viewers have labelled the divvying up of chores as "sexist" (

This person was hoping that the sexist notes were unintentional: "Bit sexist roles there.. I hope it’s wasn’t intended that way.. #ImACeleb".

To which someone replied: "Yes, I agree. It was probably not intentional but subconscious bias working overtime there in allocating those chores."

Hmmmm, you better watch yourself guys, because viewers won't put up with it.

In other news, Danny - who is a huge fan of David - explained he had been staring at the former professional footballer while he slept.

Discussing Danny being David's fan for decades, Danny explained: "He was like another Beckham wasn't he... And now I'm in bed with him."

You can read more about Danny's guy crush here.

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