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Hollington Drive Fans Label Show 'Biggest Waste Of Time' After Crash Scene Blunder

Hollington Drive Fans Label Show 'Biggest Waste Of Time' After Crash Scene Blunder

The finale of the four-part drama had some mixed reviews.

It had an incredible cast, and a premise we should have been hooked on from the get-go – but we just didn’t take to ITV’s drama, Hollington Drive.

The four-part series followed the fallout after the body of 10-year-old Alex Boyd was found shortly after he went missing from a quiet, affluent suburb.

But viewers were left scratching their head over a number of what they perceived to be plot holes in Hollington Drive’s premise – and several simply switched off after spotting one major ‘blunder’.

Watch the video below.

One scene saw guilty sister Helen (played by Rachael Stirling) yank the wheel from Theresa (Line of Duty’s Anna Maxwell Martin), causing a major car accident just as Theresa realises Helen is partly responsible for Alex’s murder.

But as we saw the sister’s grapple in the traffic collision, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a major filming gaffe – and quickly took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

“No air bags when they literally flipped the car?” one person said, adding a number of question marks to portray their confusion.

“Driving a German car without airbags? Nah,” added a second.

Fans spotted the lack of airbags (

“A crash like that would put them both in hospital, somehow they survived with few scratches and not a broken leg,” a third pointed out, while a fourth said: “That car bounced an awful long way after the crash.”

Others said they were otherwise unimpressed by the ending of the drama on the whole.

“How many plot holes did they want in one show?” one person fumed. “Oh my God, that was the biggest waste of time.”

Some viewers weren't thrilled with the conclusion (

A second chipped in: “I’m getting angry now at the way this whole thing is going. A waste of my 4 hours.”

“Well that was an absolutely criminal waste of an incredible cast ,” said a third.

But not everyone disliked the programme, with others taking to social media to praise the thrilling series.

“I enjoyed it,” said one viewer. “I think it could have been done over a couple of episodes rather than four.”

Hollington Drive was easy watching, and didn’t have any loose ends,” said a second. “I quite liked it.”

You can’t win ‘em all.

Hollington Drive is available to catch-up on ITV Hub.

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