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This Emmerdale Star Was Actually In Harry Potter

This Emmerdale Star Was Actually In Harry Potter


Emmerdale star Michael Wildman has been acting since the late 1990s - but have you spotted him in some of these fan favourites?

He currently stars as pub co-owner Al Chapman in the long-running soap, but the actor played a polar opposite character in the Harry Potter series.

Michael portrayed half-man, half-horse creature Magorian in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Who knew?!

The centaur resided in the Forbidden Forest, and had an intense dislike for Professor Umbridge - particularly after she branded him a "filthy half-breed"!

Umbridge, who was played by Imelda Staunton, is attacked by Magorian after she ignites a confrontation. While being carried off by the pack, she begs Harry to "tell them I mean no harm".

Providing the most satisfying line in cinema history, the half-blood prince adjusts his glasses and says "I'm sorry professor - I must not tell lies".

Harry Potter and Emmerdale could be the crossover we never knew we needed. [

Though Magorian doesn't have a great deal of lines throughout the film, his towering presence is certainly felt.

Thanks to the magic of CGI, the actor is totally unrecognisable, which probably explains why no-one recognised him in the northern soap.

He only starred in the one Harry Potter film, but made his appearance as memorable as possible!

Michael has a wide range in his repertoire. [

The towering mythical creature is a far cry from Michael's current role as a scheming businessman in Emmerdale, but the actor's impressive repertoire suggests he's incredibly versatile.

He has plenty of background in long-running dramas, having starred in both Casualty and spin-off Holby Blue before heading to the 'dale. But the star has also appeared in other Hollywood blockbusters aside from Harry Potter.

Michael has previously featured in films London Has Fallen, American Assassin and Steven Spielberg-directed Ready Player One.

He also starred in The Bourne Ultimatum alongside megastar Matt Damon. [

Could Emmerdale and Harry Potter be the crossover no-one knew we needed? Quite possibly!

Let's just hope Al Chapman isn't as threatening as Magorian the centaur.

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