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One Show Viewers Shocked At The Greatest Showman Star's Real Accent

One Show Viewers Shocked At The Greatest Showman Star's Real Accent

'She has a full-on British accent!'

Hardcore fans of the 2017 box office smash The Greatest Showman found themselves feeling pretty distracted during an interview with star Keala Settle.

The actress and singer appeared on Monday's episode of The One Show to discuss her role in the film, as well as an upcoming concert in London.

Fans were pleased to see her, but noticed something drastically different about her accent...

"Why is Keala Settle talking with an English accent? It's a good one, but why? She's American!" one Twitter user remarked.

The star played Lettie Lutz, a 'bearded lady' in the film. Her character had a distinctly American accent, so much so that fans were genuinely convinced Keala hailed from the US herself.

"I'm not being funny but she is putting on a British accent for this interview I am DEAD [sic]" another person exclaimed.

Keala's accent has transformed, and fans are baffled. [

Viewers of the flagship BBC One programme were understandably baffled, as Keala has previously used an American accent in interviews, both across the pond and here in the UK.

Fans speculated that, like actors such as Gillian Anderson and Laurie Brett, the Showman star deliberately slips in-and-out of various accents in order to master her craft.

"Whaaaat, does Keala Settle have that accent thing that John Barrowman and Gillian Anderson have? I'm confused #theoneshow [sic]".

The star has used an American accent on both sides of the pond previously. [

Keala herself hasn't yet revealed what her natural accent is, but given her background, she may be comfortable with using both.

She was born in Hawaii, to a Mum with Maori (New Zealand) descent, and an English dad.

One person took to Google in search of an answer, and instead ended up even deeper down the rabbit hole. "Keala Settle with an English accent?" she said. "Swore blind she was American so googled her and she is. I'm confuzzled!"

Keala's Dad hails from the UK. [

The singer opened up about preparing for her role in the film, and has previously opened up about suffering a mini-stroke during rehearsals.

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