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Great British Bake Off Fans Want Prue Leith To Stop With The 'Damaging' Calorie References

Great British Bake Off Fans Want Prue Leith To Stop With The 'Damaging' Calorie References

This isn't the first time that Prue Leith has declared a cake 'worth the calories', but this time viewers really have had enough.

We all know that Great British Bake Off is pure joy, from Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding's cheekiness to each and every chaotic and awe-inspiring showstopper.

But as the latest series continues, several fans of the show are getting fed up with one key aspect: Prue Leith's diet jokes.

Case in point:

Yep, the woman's job is literally to taste cakes for a living, and yet she still manages to slip in comments about calories most weeks.

And on Tuesday's episode, during German week, viewers had clearly had enough.

In one episode, we saw Prue tell a contestant their offering was "the most fattening bite you can imagine" in congratulating Amanda by promising her biscuit was "worth every calorie".

And several of those watching at home took to social media to ask her to stop with the "damaging" rhetoric.

Prue made several comments about calories (
Channel 4)

"Prue yet again talking about calories or baked goods being 'fattening' so unnecessary, boring and damaging, please for the love of baking make her stop #GBBO," wrote one.

While another concurred: "Please, Prue, stop going on about ‘fattening’ and ‘calories’. It’s a baking show, not a diet programme, and no-one expects cakes to be slimming. #GBBO".

"If Prue could stop mentioning calorie content every 10 mins that'd be great #GBBO," wrote a third.


As a fourth chipped in: "When Prue Leith mentions calories and fat on a baking show I panic that young people will watch it and worry about what they’re eating. Just shut up, and let them eat cake! #bakeoff #GBBO".

Viewers have raised similar gripes in the past, dating as far back as 2018, and so far Prue hasn't commented on the public's understandable distain for her diet-based catchphrases.

We think Bake Off should be celebrated for what it is: not naughty, but a joyful, calorie and sugar filled space. Here's hoping Prue hears this and gets on board.

Tyla has contacted Channel 4 for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4