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Great British Bake Off Fans Divided Over Judges' Elimination Decision

Great British Bake Off Fans Divided Over Judges' Elimination Decision

The third baker was eliminated in Tuesday's show - and people were divided over the decision.

Great British Bake Off returned last night with bread week, and while some 'rose' the challenge, others failed to 'prove' their skills (see what we did there?!).

Rochica, 27, unfortunately ended up being the third baker to be eliminated from the tent, after failing to impress with her milk-bread - inspired by a bird - and her ciabatta breadsticks in the technical challenge.

Her elimination comes after Tom and Jairzinho, who were booted from the show in episodes one and two.

Watch the moment it happened here:

While many agreed with Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood's decision, others weren't so convinced it was Rochica's time to go.

Suggesting it should have been fellow contestant Maggie's exit instead, one person wrote: "Rochica was absolutely robbed this week, maggie should have gone :/ #GBBO".

Meanwhile, another penned: "Oh no, I liked Rochica so much! She deserved to go further, Maggie not so much... #GBBO".

"Can’t believe they let Rochica go instead of Maggie #GBBO," said a third.

Rochica was the third contestant to get the chop (
Channel 4)

"No! That’s a terrible decision. Rochica should have stayed at least another week. Very unhappy with the judges choice this week. #GBBO," said somebody else.

Maggie also had a tough week, being told her focaccia was too 'soft on top' thanks to all the toppings on it, and also failing to knock up the perfect milk bread.

Speaking after her elimination, Rochica said: "It's come to an end but I have really really enjoyed it.

"Not everybody gets to bake in the Bake Off tent and I'm proud of where I've got to."

Rochica's birdcage failed to impress (
Channel 4)

Rochica's showstopper failed to wow the crowds after she knocked together a milk bread to look like a bird cage, nest and eggs, but it ended up a bit wobbly and lacklustre.

After her challenge, she acknowledged she had struggled, telling the camera: "It's definitely been my worst week. I would like another chance but I don't think I'm going to get one."

Meanwhile Giuseppe was crowned star baker after coming first in the technical, and creating a vegetable patch themed milk bread.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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