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Great British Bake Off Contestant Freya Cox Forced To Delete Facebook After Trolls Slam Her 'Hobby'

Great British Bake Off Contestant Freya Cox Forced To Delete Facebook After Trolls Slam Her 'Hobby'

Freya Cox was subjected to a barrage of abuse for still partaking in horse riding as a vegan.

The Great British Bake Off's first vegan contestant, Freya Cox, has been forced to delete her Facebook after cruel trolling over one of her favourite hobbies.

The soon-to-be star of the 12th season of the Channel 4 show is not only a dab hand in the kitchen but she's also a dressage champion, too.

And it's fair to say that several hardline vegans weren't too impressed with the 19-year-old psychology student's hobby, trolling her on her now deleted page, Freya Cox Eventing.

Freya has been criticised by hardline vegans (
Channel 4)

Freya had introduced herself to people as she signed up for the show, writing: “I am so passionate about ethics and feel completely blessed to have the opportunity to share this with the world.

"To say I am the first completely vegan baker on GBBO feels like such an honour.

“I will be posting loads of updates, bakes and behind the scenes pics over on my Instagram page if you’d like to follow me on there. Speak to you all soon...the future really is vegan.”

The North Yorkshire local had shared the post on her page, which was also dedicated to showcasing her horse riding talents.

And it didn't take long for the critics to make their voices heard.

“The problem people like myself are having is that, yes it’s great that someone is going onto a mainstream programme promoting vegan food.

Freya shared her horse riding achievements on the page (
Channel 4)

“But please don’t say that you are passionate about ethics when you still ride horses. I know she still rides as she replied to someone on her Instagram earlier today saying they should meet for a hack soon!," someone said. “So just say that you’re plant-based and making slow changes to becoming fully vegan in future or something if that is what you’re doing. Saying that you’re passionate about ethics and then riding horses is completely contradicting and confusing.”

While another wrote: "If you are still riding you shouldn't be calling yourself vegan and you most definitely shouldn't be going on TV calling yourself vegan.

"It's no wonder people get confused what veganism means when the ethos is constantly being watered down."

Others were far more sympathetic, though.

Freya will be showcasing her skills in the kitchen (
Channel 4)

“I’m shocked at some of the comments on here, they’re shameful and unnecessary," someone else penned, telling Freya: "Can’t wait to watch you blow the others out the water.”

As another chipped in: “Instead of seeing this as a great step to show non-vegan viewers what they can make and possibly help people eat more plant-based foods AND congratulating this girl, you find fault!

“Oh to be the perfect vegan, we are all trying.”

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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