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Grace Millane's Killer Tried To 'Shift Blame Onto Grace 21 Times' During Chilling Interview

Grace Millane's Killer Tried To 'Shift Blame Onto Grace 21 Times' During Chilling Interview

A new documentary on discovery+ investigates the case of Grace Millane, who was tragically murdered while travelling in New Zealand in 2018.

A linguistics expert analysing footage of Grace Millane's killer, Jesse Kempson, being interviewed by police, has revealed how the 26-year-old tried to 'shift the blame onto Grace 21 times'.

In a new documentary on discovery+, The Murder of Grace Millane - A Faking It Special, expert Dawn Archer pinpoints Kempson's chilling behaviour during an interview just days after Grace was tragically murdered. You can watch a clip below:

In the clip, Dawn explains Kempson repeatedly claims Grace is the one 'doing the asking'.

"I'm calling it the blame shifting strategy, I've found 21 examples, I would describe it as making Grace the actor-initiator... So she's the one doing the asking and he's the one doing the responding," said Dawn.

In the interview, Kempson can be heard saying: "She asked me to add her on Facebook... she asked where were we going to go... she asked me about my family... she asked me to turn the TV off... so I turned it off."

Dawn interjects: "... And this is him being the accommodating recipient, she says it so he does it. That becomes significant when we look at the later examples."

The documentary analyses Kempson's police interviews (

In the police interview, Kempson goes on to say that Grace asked if they could 'get into bondage'. She told me to hold her arms tighter and then she told me to hold her throat."

Dawn says: "We're told here it was her idea, these are examples of a strategy, rather than an accidental thing, because it's happening 21 times."

Grace was first reported missing by her family in Essex who alerted police when they failed to hear from her on her birthday.

Police discovered Kempson had been on a date with Grace just days before and was the last person to message her on Facebook before she went missing. 

Kempson denied murdering Grace, instead maintaining she passed away during consensual rough sex. He was however later found guilty of her murder.

Police discovered Kempson had been on a date with Grace (

Grace's body was found a week after her disappearance, buried inside a suitcase. The court heard how, on the night of her murder, the killer "wasn't distressed or concerned" by her passing, but instead set about planning how to dispose of her.

They were also told how he "sexualised" her killing, taking photographs of her dead body and searching for pornography.

He also went on a Tinder date with another woman while Grace's body sat in a suitcase in his bedroom.

Kempson has been jailed for life and sentenced to a minimum of 17 years.

The Murder of Grace Millane - A Faking It Special is available to stream now, on discovery+.

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