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Good Morning Britain Guest Storms Off After Explosive Row With Susanna Reid And Richard Madeley

Good Morning Britain Guest Storms Off After Explosive Row With Susanna Reid And Richard Madeley

Insulate Britain guest Liam Norton clashed with Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid about activists protesting on the M25.

A Good Morning Britain guest stormed off the set live on air after clashing with Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid.

Watch the shocking exchange below:

Liam Norton is a member of the climate activist group Insulate Britain, who block the UK’s motorways to protest the government’s lack of action on insulating homes.

Norton was interviewed on Good Morning Britain about the group blockading the M25, one of the UK’s busiest motorways and things got off to a shaky start.

Madeley asked Norton about the protests putting lives at risk and referred to a mum who has been left partially paralysed from a stroke because she was unable to be transported to hospital quickly.

Liam Norton clashed with the Good Morning Britain hosts on Wednesday (

“You’re not accepting the responsibility of your actions,” the co-presenter said.

He added: “Well, if you say something stupid, I’ll cut you off,’ Richard hit out. ‘The way you’re putting your argument is fatal, it has fatal consequences.’

Norton interrupted: “We’ve been writing letters for 30 years, We’ve been writing petitions for 30 years. We’ve been pleading with our Government for 30 years and what we’re saying to the Government is this: This is our line in the sand. We are demanding the Government makes a meaningful statement to save the future of this country and if they refuse to do it then they can put us in prison.”

He then stood up from his chair and left the discussion. “I’ve had enough of talking to people in this country about what we’re doing. This is the state of things,” he yelled.

Insulate Britain is an ‘offshoot’ of the climate change group Extinction Rebellion, ITV News reports.

The GMB presenters watched as the Insulate Britain member left the desk (

The group has hosted online and in-person events in England and Wales since July 2021.

They are demanding the UK government retrofit all UK homes with insulation to ensure lower energy bills and warm homes for people on low incomes.

According to the group, insulating homes is the ‘most cost effective way’ to reduce CO2 emissions and to prevent fuel poverty.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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