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Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard Says He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ As Laura Tobin Rides Rollercoaster

Good Morning Britain’s Ben Shephard Says He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ As Laura Tobin Rides Rollercoaster

The Good Morning Britain host watched as Laura Tobin presented the weather from a rollercoaster at Thorpe Park.

Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard was left cringing as weather presenter Laura Tobin took to the skies on a rollercoaster live on air in a dress.

The 39-year-old opted for a change of scenery for the weekend’s weather update, but as the Swarm ride at Thorpe Park took off, she soon realised her billowing blue dress may not have been the best choice.

Watch the video below:

As the ride began, Kate watched, Laura said: "I bet, because you look quite OK but this is going to get up to 100 miles an hour... oh my God!"

"The view's amazing guys," Laura added.

As the rollercoaster zoomed along the track and twisted upside down, Laura had to clutch at the hem of her dress to stop it from going up live on camera.

Ben and Kate watched in horror (

Back in the studio, Ben and co-presenter Kate Garraway winced as Laura’s dress almost flew open, leading to several close calls.

Laura tried her best to keep the dress from flying in the wind as she laughed hysterically on the rollercoaster.

Ben almost had his head in his hands watching.

Kate said: "Do you think she thought through the skirt?"

"No," Ben responded. "I feel quite uncomfortable."

Laura laughed as the rollercoaster twisted upside down (

When the rollercoaster came to an end, and the likelihood of a very awkward fashion faux pas was off the table, Laura said: The good news is that there is sunshine on the way. I didn't lose my shoes and I didn't show anyone my pants, so win, win, win!.”

Ben joked back in the studio: “Yeah, sunshine all round Laura. It's a sensational weather forecast, Laura, one of your finest! For many reasons!”

Well, at least Laura had fun!

This isn't the first time this week Ben has been left confused by a dress on Good Morning Britain. Yesterday co-presenter Susanna Reid had to confirm her garment was indeed a dress and not a dressing gown.

Ben complimented the gown, adding: "Ben responded: “There is a little something Margot from The Good Life. I like it as a look.”

You can read more about it here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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