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Good Morning Britain: Kate Garraway Mortified After 'Embarrassing' Phone Blunder Live On Air

Good Morning Britain: Kate Garraway Mortified After 'Embarrassing' Phone Blunder Live On Air

“I’m so embarrassed.”

With a broadcasting career spanning across three decades, Kate Garraway is nothing but an absolute professional – but even she can have her off days.

On Friday’s edition of Good Morning Britain, Kate was back hosting with long-time colleague Ben Shephard, but they both found their interview rudely interrupted while live on air.

You can watch the video below.

As Ben steered the conversation towards the climate crisis, he was stopped mid-sentence when Kate’s phone alarm started ringing, causing the studio to erupt into giggles.

“That’s extraordinary,” she said, fumbling for her mobile. “I can’t remember the last time I set an alarm for 6.30am!”

“There’s clearly somewhere you need to be right now,” Ben joked during his fits of laughter.

Quickly moving the conversation on, Kate may have thought she’d gotten away with her alarm blunder, that is, until a second alarm went off just ten minutes later.

Kate hastily apologised for her alarm (

“Oh for goodness sake, I’m really sorry. What the hell is going on?” she said. “Oh my God.”

Fearful that her alarm may start buzzing again, Kate requested her phone be removed from the studio, with a floor manager quickly hurrying onto set to take the device from her.

“I’m blaming the kids,” a red-faced Kate said.

The hilarious moment comes just days after Kate made the ‘emotional’ decision on the behalf of her husband Derek Draper, who has been battling the effects of Long Covid.

A floor manager offered to take the phone away (

As the former political lobbyist needs round the clock care, Kate has decided to pack away his workspace and put it into storage.

"One of the things have [sic] been tackling is packing up Derek's therapy rooms and office", she said.

The star confessed she'd been "dragging her feet" for a while, because she "knew it would be so emotional and because didn't want to seem to be giving up hope of him returning to the work he loves one day".

According to Kate, his office building had been "put up for sale", which meant that it was necessary for them move the furniture out anyway. "We had to clear out - fate!" she said.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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