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GMB Viewers Left Cringing After Adil's NSFW Remark Live On Air

GMB Viewers Left Cringing After Adil's NSFW Remark Live On Air

Adil Ray was stunned at an autocue misspelling.

We've all had a few slips of the tongue before - but thankfully, they've never been in front of millions watching at home.

Poor Adil Ray found himself stumbling on his words on Good Morning Britain, when an autocue error saw him make the air turn smutty.

You can watch the video below.

We're cringing so bad, it hurts!

The journalist was urging viewers at home to sign up to the show's "One Million Minutes" charity campaign, when an autocue error said "sex" instead of "six".

Desperate to prove that he wasn't having filthy thoughts first thing in the morning, Adil said: "It actually says 'for sex' in there! It does say that!"

Co-host Ranvir Singh, after initially looking stunned, joked: "Alright, Anchorman," while Adil flustered.

"Can you show the prompt?" he asked cameramen.

And sure enough, Adil was proved innocent, as a spelling error in the autocue really did show the word "sex" instead of "six."

Adil was proved innocent when the autocue was revealed (

"That wasn't me!" he said, as viewers at home saw the prompt.

Good Morning Britain has always had a good sense of humour when it comes to the odd on-screen error.

Earlier this year, Kate Garraway was left trying to disguise her blushes after her phone alarm went off live on air.

As co-host Ben Shephard steered the conversation towards the climate crisis, he was stopped mid-sentence when Kate’s phone alarm started ringing, causing the studio to erupt into giggles.

Adil asked cameramen to show audiences the prompt (

“That’s extraordinary,” she said, fumbling for her mobile. “I can’t remember the last time I set an alarm for 6.30am!”

“There’s clearly somewhere you need to be right now,” Ben joked during his fits of laughter.

Quickly moving the conversation on, Kate may have thought she’d gotten away with her alarm blunder, that is, until a second alarm went off just ten minutes later.

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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