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This Morning Fans Horrified As Gino D'Acampo Makes Joke About Holly Willoughby's Vagina

This Morning Fans Horrified As Gino D'Acampo Makes Joke About Holly Willoughby's Vagina

Fans have called him out on his 'creepy' and 'cringe' behaviour.

This Morning fans are less than impressed with TV star Gino d'Acampo's latest stint on the show.

The presenter and chef used host Holly Willoughby as a 'map' of Italy while making a tiramisu, urging her to 'point to her belly button', 'side' and 'inland'.

Fellow presenter Phillip Schofield took Gino's seemingly-unwitting innuendos in his stride, sighing and saying, "I knew it." Meanwhile, Holly kept her distance from the Family Fortunes host.

You can watch the video here.

In dedication to 'The Father Of Tiramisu', Ado Campeol (who died on 1st November), Gino came on the show to bake his authentic take on the dessert. Afterwards, he gave viewers an uncomfortable geography lesson, using Holly as a prop.

Appearing to be somewhat embarrassed by the gag, Holly reluctantly did what Gino told her. First, he asked her to 'point to [her] belly button' to indicate where on the 'map' Rome would be situated.

He pointed out that he "went to school where Vesuvius is", while indicating towards Holly's inner thighs, saying Vesuvius is more "inland". He then said he could "technically say [he] spent much of [his] youth training and playing around [Holly's] vagina".

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Shocked, Phillip exclaimed, "Oh my God, Gino!" while Holly advised him to "step away from the geography lessons and stick to cookery".

It's safe to say that viewers were furious with the remark - with some calling Gino out on his "sexism".

"Appalling behaviour", Twitter user Donna said. "Gino attempting to sexually humiliate/embarrass Holly Willoughby live on television. Vile. #Everydaysexism"

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"Gino is a total pig!" stated another. "Talk about vaginas all you want, but don't make it personal to a married woman who is just trying to do her job. It's not funny and it's not clever".

Others branded the star "creepy", "cringe" and "unfunny". One user claimed that "Gino knows exactly what he's saying". Yikes.

This Morning continues weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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