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Friends Fans Divided As Joey Hits On 16-Year-Old In Deleted Scene

Friends Fans Divided As Joey Hits On 16-Year-Old In Deleted Scene

People are calling it creepy.

Despite Friends having ended back in 2004, people are still pouring over the episodes. Looking for behind-the-scenes fun facts and easter eggs wherever they can.

But fans are divided after discovering a particular deleted scene where Joey hits on a 16-year-old.

Watch the deleted scene below:

In the clip, Joey attempts to talk to a young woman, named "Dina" in the credits, at a catering table before she says "I'm 16", to which Joey replies: "See you in 2003". Cue the laugh track.

Hmmm... what do we think about this?

Some fans found it unproblematic.

One person in a Reddit thread on the deleted scene joked: "Hot girl's at stake and he's suddenly a mathematician".

Another commenter gave Joey credit: "At least Joey knows the rules of the game. Gotta respect that, at least".

Some found the deleted scene creepy to watch (

However, others were uncomfortable with the scene.

A Reddit user replied to the original post: "This was definitely one of Joey's more creepy, less endearing moments".

"This is kind of a creep joke", another person agreed.

There was one user who was grateful for the choice to delete the scene: "I was thinking I’m glad they cut this. Yuck."

What has made it worse for some fans was a question raised by one of the people in the thread: "isn't Joey's little sister also named Dina?"

Dina Lockhart is the daughter of Jessica on the fictional show Days of Our Lives (

The answer is: yes, but the actress's name isn't really Dina. Dina Tribbiani is Joey's youngest sister who appears in season 8 of Friends, asking Rachel for help telling Joey she's pregnant in 'The One With Monica's Boots'. She's also five years older than the actress who plays Dina Lockhart in the show that Joey is a part of (Days of Our Lives), the nameless woman in the deleted scene who appears in 'The One With Joey's New Brain'.

In the episode, she plays Jessica Lockhart's daughter in Days of Our Lives, Jessica Lockhart being the woman whose brain is transplanted to Joey's character, Dr Drake Ramoray, so he can wake up from a coma. Jessica Lockhart is portrayed by Cecilia Monroe who hooks up with Joey when helping him with Dr Drake Ramoray's return on the show.

Susan Sarandon's character ends up hooking up with Joey in the episode (

What's a good piece of trivia though, is that Susan Sarandon plays Cecilia/Jessica and Eva Amurri, who is Susan Sarandon's daughter in real-life, plays Jessica's daughter Dina Lockhart on Days of Our Lives.

As for that deleted scene, are you glad it was cut as well?

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