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Friends Fans Spot Continuity Error With Jennifer Aniston

Friends Fans Spot Continuity Error With Jennifer Aniston

I’ll be there for you…to point out any mistakes in filming…

If you ask any Friends enthusiast, they’ll tell you that the beloved 90’s sitcom is flawless.

And while we respect the show, which remains so hugely popular to this day, there are some fairly glaring continuity errors we’ve since spotted.

Friends is still well-loved (

We’re not the only ones. Jeffrey Klarik, a former writer on Friends, was seemingly watching a few episodes one evening and spotted some startling continuity errors during a recording.

Placing two screenshots side by side, Jeffrey asked his 6,500 followers to point out the continuity errors.

The image, from an early season of Friends, sees Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, who played Monica and Rachel, stood together.

Spot the difference? (

Take a look for yourself – can you spot the difference between the two images?

Well, if you’re struggling, we can help you.

The second shot sees Rachel’s necklace magically disappear between takes, while the napkins that have been left disturbed on the tray seem to swap position.

Others noticed that the lighting had changed between pictures, and that Monica and Rachel were suddenly wearing earrings, despite not appearing to wear any in the previous shot (although, they could have been covered by their hair – we’re not entirely convinced over this one).

The second shot showed changes in the napkin too (

It’s not the first Friends continuity error that’s been spotted in more recent weeks.

One fan took their findings to TikTok when they spotted an extra ‘chewing’ coffee in the background of an episode.

Fans couldn't believe their eyes, and not only were several TikTok users joking about the scene itself, some also questioned whether it was coffee in her cup or another beverage.

One fan quipped: “🎵I’ll be there for chew 🎶,” referencing the Friends theme song.

Some viewers speculated the woman was drinking a mug of hot chocolate and she was actually chewing marshmallows. “How do you know there weren’t marshmallows in her hot chocolate hey?” One TikTok user theorised.

Oh, to be as eagled-eyed as these Friends fans!

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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