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Friends Fan Spot Hilarious Extra Blunder

Friends Fan Spot Hilarious Extra Blunder

How did we not spot this before?!

Although the iconic sitcom Friends ended in 2004, fans of the hit show always seem to spot new hilarious moments while watching old episodes.

After watching old episodes of the NBC programme, one fan spotted the funniest blunder in the background of an episode - and we can't believe we never noticed it before.

The clip features Ross (David Schwimmer) in the Central Perk but if you look closely in the background, another 'customer' does something that has now caught lots of TikToker's eyes.

Watch the clip below:

On closer inspection, the background actor playing a customer appears to be chewing their coffee. Wait, what?!

In case you didn't know, background actors, also known as extras, are hired for TV shows and films to help make scenes set in public spaces more realistic.

Background actors don't usually have lines but help to set the atmosphere.

Fans couldn't believe their eyes, and not only were several TikTok users joking about the scene itself, some also questioned whether it was coffee in her cup or another beverage.

Some TikTok users were confused by the background actor's chewing (

One fan quipped: “🎵I’ll be there for chew 🎶,” references the Friends theme song.

Some viewers speculated the woman was drinking a mug of hot chocolate and she was actually chewing marshmallows. “How do you know there weren’t marshmallows in her hot chocolate hey?” One TikTok user theorised.

As it turns out, marshmallows were quite the hot topic in the comments section. Another user added: “Gotta chew those marshmallows!!!”

Similarly, a Friends fan wrote: “It was marshmallow in her hot chocolate.”

“Perhaps it was minestrone soup,” another fan pondered.

We don't remember Central Perk serving chewable coffee (

While someone else suggested the woman was drinking spaghetti hoops.

One person said: “Yall don’t ever wash food down with a drink? Or water? Wow.”

While the verdict is still out on what the unnamed background actor was pretending to drink, we'd like to think they enjoyed it!

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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