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Dogs: People Are In Tears At Second Season Of 'Wholesome' Netflix Show

Dogs: People Are In Tears At Second Season Of 'Wholesome' Netflix Show

The popular Netflix show follows the lives of a selection of cute canines.

Listen up, dog lovers. We've just sorted out your weekend binge.

Netflix has dropped four new episodes of its popular show, Dogs, which explores the relationship between canines and their owners.

Fans will remember the popular documentary show, launched two years ago, for its OG four legged stars, who include Zeus the husky - smuggled home by Syrian refugee Ayham - and Rory - a service dog who looks after Corrine, a young girl with epilepsy.

But if you thought those episodes were emotional, wait until you see the tear jerkers season two has lined up for you...

Check out a trailer below:

In episode one, we meet ageing bulldog, Trip, who is mascot at Butler University. He faces retirement at the same time that his owner is due to go a risky surgery, and the episode follows both of their journeys into the unknown, and the ways they support each other along the way.

The second ep follows retired astronaut Melvin, who takes his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks on a poignant road-trip to honour his late friends, who passed while on space shuttle Columbia.

Meanwhile, the third features Air Force veteran Tara, who meets her beloved stray, Jet, while in Iraq. The pair come together in the most dangerous of circumstances, and the episode shows how they'll stop at nothing to stay together.

Melvin and his two pooches are stars of the second ep (

To conclude season 2, the fourth episode stars Brazilian Priest, Father Joao, who takes in strays and offers them shelter and comfort. Where he lives in Gravata, strays are being killed at the order of the government. But the Priest's kindness spills out into the rest of the community, and a grassroots mission to find the pets homes is soon established.

The episodes dropped last week, and already several dog lovers have binged the lot.

Reacting to all the emotional episodes on Twitter, one person wrote: "I think Dogs on Netflix is potentially the most wholesome content that exists. It’s the series we should send to aliens to show that we are nice beings."

Trip the bulldog also features (

"Brb binge watching Dogs on Netflix and crying all day bcuz dogs are the most special things on this planet thank u (sic)," another penned.

As a third quipped: "If you’re looking for a good mid-day cry, go watch Dogs on Netflix. You’ll thank (???) me later."

"Theres this dog documentary series on Netflix and like. I've only watched 2 episodes and I've been left in tears after both so its very good," someone else echoed.

You heard the people, we think it's time to grab the Kleenex and give this a watch...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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