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Disney+ Fans Devastated As Pivotal Scene Is Cut From Muppet Christmas Carol

Disney+ Fans Devastated As Pivotal Scene Is Cut From Muppet Christmas Carol

Did you notice this?

Disney+ users were devastated to learn that one iconic scene from the beloved festive flick The Muppet Christmas Carol has been cut from the streaming service version.

The 1992 Christmas special starring Michael Caine, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the gang has been a family favourite for years, featuring countless quotable scenes and unforgettable moments.

That's why viewers were so shocked to learn that one of the most "pivotal" moments in the film had been cut for the Disney+ release.

There is one key scene missing from The Muppets Christmas Carol on Disney+ (

If you're familiar with The Muppet Christmas Carol - as you should be - you might remember that in most releases, the Ghost of Christmas Past visits Ebenezer Scrooge to remind him of his former fiancée Belle, featuring a haunting song called "When Love Is Gone."

But, alas, in newer releases of the film, including the version available on Disney+, Belle's breakup song has been cut.

Noticing this change to the epic Disney flick, one viewer rushed to Reddit to warn others of the disappointing shake-up.

Clearly heartbroken by the cut, the Redditor, named TheDoctorInHisTardis said that they had "dang near had a conniption" when they noticed their favourite song was missing.

The song "When Love Is Gone" had been removed from the film. (

They explained: "There’s a point in the film where Scrooge is with the ghost of Christmas Past and they are recalling the scene in which Scrooge’s love left him. 

"She sings a very lovely song called 'When Love is Gone'. Only, apparently, years ago, in 1992, Disney executive Jeffery Katzenberg decided that the song should be cut for the theatrical release (for the kids). Thankfully, the song was reinstated for the home video release, and that’s the version I grew up on."

Unfortunately for this viewer, and many other Christmas Carol fans, it is the theatrical version that was brought to Disney+.

The heartbroken Muppet fan wrote: "When the scene came and went I thought I was losing my mind and had to look up what had gone wrong. It’s a pivotal song as it gives insight to Scrooge’s character and provides context to the end of the film when the song returns only this time the song titled 'When Love is Found.'

The theatrical version of the film does not include Belle's song. (

"They’ve included the song as a deleted scene on Disney+, but honestly it should never have been cut in the first place. Brian Henson has always lamented its exclusion."

Thankfully for Muppet fans, director Brian Henson announced just last year that the song would soon be reinstated.

In earlier interviews, Brian (Muppets creator Jim Henson's son) explained that in the process of cutting the song for theatrical release, creators lost the video master.

However, in 2020, Henson announced that the lost piece of film had been found and would be added to a remastered 4K version of the film.

Thankfully, the remastered version of The Muppets Christmas Carol will bring back the beloved song. (

For now, Disney+ only offers the original theatrical release version of the film, but fingers crossed the restored version will be available to stream in the near future.

All is right with the world once more!

Featured Image Credit: Disney

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