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Death To 2021: Viewers In Stitches At Netflix Comedy

Death To 2021: Viewers In Stitches At Netflix Comedy

Because goodness knows we need a laugh right now.

We’re caught in that awkward lull right now between Christmas and New Year, where we’re stuck at home eating cheese and trying not to argue with our family.

Television is providing a brief respite from our loved ones, with Death to 2021 being a popular option for those of us looking for a laugh.

You can watch a trailer below.

The follow-up from last year’s helping (unsurprisingly titled Death to 2020), the one-off programme offers a satirical lookback over the last year, with a number of comedians dressed up as talking heads offering their take on events that happened in 2021.

And there’s a number of famous faces that have taken part in the new mockumentary, including Hugh Grant, Lucy Liu, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Morgan

High Grant also stars (

Fans have loved Death to 2021’s irreverent and sparky dark humour, with President Trump, anti-vaxxers and Prince Philip all being the targets of some barbed commentary.

Taking to Twitter, many expressed how amused they were by the special.

People have enjoyed the parody (

One person wrote: “#DeathTo2021 is actually funny as f***, my type of humour for sure,” while a second added: “Death to 2021 is W I L D but soooo funny.”

“If you need a good laugh watch #DeathTo2021 on Netflix, extremely funny, darkly hilarious,” said a third.

“Death to 2021 is both accurate and funny af, it’s giving me the most life,” chipped in a fourth, while a fifth said: “#DeathTo2021 on #Netflix is very funny. Mind you, we are laughing at the utter chaos sweeping the world.”

Others said it may anger some viewers (

However, the show isn’t for those of sensitive disposition, with one person warning viewers: “It will probably offend a large portion of people.”

In other Netflix news, the streaming service is removing Modern Family, leaving fans of the sitcom bitterly disappointed.

You can read more about that here.

Death to 2021 is available to view on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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