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Clickbait Fans Notice Hidden Detail In Emma's Bedroom That Hints At Truth About Nick

Clickbait Fans Notice Hidden Detail In Emma's Bedroom That Hints At Truth About Nick

Did you spot this sneaky clue?

This article contains major spoilers for Clickbait.

As major Clickbait fans, we've been glued to the new Netflix series.

Not only was it mega gripping, but it also ended with a major twist, which we didn't see coming at all.

If you're yet to watch, you can catch the trailer below:

Fans of the programme will know that the show, starring Adrian Grenier and Zoe Kazan, focuses on a family man named Nick Brewer, who is kidnapped on his way to work, held captive and accused of murdering and abusing women, as well as cheating on his wife.

The accusations come about after it's revealed that 'Nick' had been having multiple affairs with a number of women he had met online.

One of the women is Emma Beesley, who claims her and Nick - or Danny, as he called himself to her - were in love. In a series of flashbacks from Emma's memory, she and Nick can be seen on dates, having sex and waking up in bed together.

Nick was accused of having a number of affairs (

So when Nick, while he is being held hostage, claimed that he wasn't the person sending the messages on the dating site, viewers were convinced he was lying - unless he had some sort of secret evil twin who was pretending to be him.

After all, viewers had seen him with Emma.

Later in the series however, as the truth begins to unravel, we learn that Emma had actually made up the fact that she and Danny had met in person. It was all her imagination.

It was all in Emma's imagination (

Viewers will know that Nick never met up with the woman, wasn't behind the messages, and wasn't responsible for the death of Sarah Oxley.

And some fans noticed one specific clue that Emma hadn't met up with Nick from pretty early on.

One tweeted: "Anyone notice when Emma wakes up with 'Danny' making coffee for her that the pillows on the other side of the bed are stacked neatly and clearly not slept on? Keep your eyes wide open!"

Did you spot this clue? (

We can't believe we missed this! Did you spot it?

If you're yet to watch Clickbait, you can catch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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