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People Are Calling For Care Home Staff To Get A Payrise After Watching Help

People Are Calling For Care Home Staff To Get A Payrise After Watching Help

After watching Channel 4's heartbreaking film Help, people are calling for the government to give care home staff a pay rise.

Channel 4's "heartbreaking" film Help, which stars Killing Eve's Jodie Comer as a care home worker and Stephen Graham as a patient with early onset Alzheimer's, takes a hard look at the impact of Covid-19 on care homes.

During the pandemic, care homes were hit hard by coronavirus, and this drama is looking to shed light on the situation.

After watching the drama, fans have taken to Twitter to say that care homes workers deserve a pay rise.

One person wrote, "Incredibly powerful performances from Jodie Comer, Stephen Graham and all cast in #Help. Found it triggering to watch remembering the desperate situation of last year. Can't imagine how much care home staff must still be traumatised. They deserve a pay rise and so much more respect."

Another said, "This is so awful. My blood is boiled and I'm so upset watching it. Like, how did this happen? Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham are brilliant. Care home staff and NHS workers deserve all the recognition and a big pay rise."

The drama is set during the Covid-19 pandemic. (
Channel 4)

A third gave some statistics, saying: "A care worker gets an average of £8.50 an hour. It takes them 12 weeks to earn what a care home director takes home for one day's work."

"Giving care workers a pay rise to £10 an hour would cost the government £227 million. They're surely worth it."

A fourth tagged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to say: "@BorisJohnson and his clowns, hope your [sic] watching #Help on Channel 4 as this is your wrong doing, failing to act in time and no PPE or compassion in care homes. Give the NHS a bloody pay rise. This is disturbing to watch."

People have said Comer's performance is #heartbreaking. (
Channel 4)

An investigation into care jobs by ITV in July found that 60 per cent of all advertised offered a wage that is not enough to live on.

Additionally, following the introduction of a new health and social care levy, has seen that care home nurses will be seeing a decrease in their take-home pay to fund it.

Channel 4's Help is available to stream on catch-up now.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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