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Cars Fans Spot Cheeky Moment They Missed As Children

Cars Fans Spot Cheeky Moment They Missed As Children

Childhood ruined?!

It’s no secret that Disney and Pixar animators love to include jokes for all the adults and parents watching their children films

For the viewers who were children when they see the animated adventures on screen, these funny moments don’t become clear until they watch the classic films again as adults.

Watch the clip below:

Now Disney fans have discovered what could be a cheeky joke in the 2006 film Cars.

In case you didn’t know, the adventure flick follows a rookie race car named Lightning McQueen who discovers the mostly abandoned town of Radiator Springs on his way to the biggest race of his life.

As fans who were children when the film came out re-watch it with adult eyes, a scene in which two cars Mia and Tia, who are Lightning McQueen super fans, meet their idol, has caught their attention.

Lightning McQueen was left shocked (

After the two excited Miatias-inspired cars introduce themselves, their flash their headlights at the hugely popular race car and some fans believe this is meant to represent the pair literally flashing - lifting their rope - at him. Lightning McQueen’s shocked reaction and two security guard cars appearing to escort them away moments after it happens seems to bolster this take.

Mia and Tia are escorted away by security (

Fans reacted to the clip after it was shared on YouTube. "Now i know why my dad laughed so hard at this scene when I was a kid," one person commented.

A second user wrote: "I finally realised what they were doing after all these years."

While a third added: "McQueen's reaction just totally gave it away!!!! LMAO."

And a fourth shared: "I don't know if that was suppose a pun or a childhood killed moment."

If you fancy taking a trip down memory lane - literally - all three Cars films are available to stream on Disney+ now.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

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