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Brooklyn Beckham Rinsed For Cooking Sandwich On Live TV

Brooklyn Beckham Rinsed For Cooking Sandwich On Live TV

Brooklyn made an egg, sausage and bacon sandwich on a US news show.

Brooklyn Beckham has been rinsed on social media after he cooked up a breakfast sandwich on a US news show.

Appearing on the Today Show food segment, Brooklyn, 22, talked viewers through making an egg, sausage and bacon sandwich.

You can watch the clip below:

Brooklyn begins by frying the bacon, sausages and eggs in a frying pan before assembling the sandwich on white bread. And the presenters Hoda Kotb and Carson Daly seem amazed at the 'English breakfast sandwich' asking the other guests: "Does it taste British?"

Brooklyn explained he had taken to cooking during lockdown, adding: "I've always loved food and obviously when quarantine hit I just really started to get into it.

"My fiancée started filming me and I started posting it and it's just something I love doing."

Brooklyn cooked up a sandwich on the show (
Today Show)

But Brit viewers weren't impressed, with one writing on Twitter: "So he made a sausage, english bacon, and non-runny egg on...untoasted white bread. With ketchup. Was this meant to be a joke?"

While another said: "I make that sandwich every Saturday for my husband... ridiculous..."

And a third added: "Brooklyn Beckham shows us how to make a bacon sandwich, really??"

Others meanwhile were not impressed with how Brooklyn made the sandwich, with many taking issue with the way he scrambled up his fried eggs and didn't add butter to the bread.

People had a lot of thoughts on the sandwich (
Today Show)

"Brooklyn I can't believe you never left the egg runny!!! You just ruined a good sandwich," said one.

While another added: "I can confirm that us english people do not serve a breakfast sandwich without the sandwich buttered!!!!"

And a third said: "First of all, NO BUTTER ON THE BREAD... Bread should be thick toastie bread & the egg yolk should definitely be runny."

"Exactly, the no butter was the last straw for me. Ffs," said another.

Oh dear...

Featured Image Credit: Today Show

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