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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans In Tears At Show's 'Perfect' Finale

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans In Tears At Show's 'Perfect' Finale

“To the Nine-Nine!”

It’s finally over – after eight years and one revival, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has closed its final case.

Yep, we said goodbye to the squad in an hour-long finale titled ‘The Last Day’, seeing all our old favourites come back together for one last heist to mark Jake’s (Andy Samberg) last day at the precinct.

Our leading man had chosen to quit like the New York Police Department to be a full-time dad to his son.

The series ended after eight years (

And while the show is no stranger to making us wipe tears of hysteria from our eyes, the finale actually saw us weeping with woe as it recalled some of its most tender moments.

Fans took to Twitter to lament the end of the series, with one person writing: “Brooklyn 99, what a farewell!” with a sad face.

Fans expressed their dismay that the show was ending (

“Hasn't sunk in that it’s over,” said a second fan with a crying emoji. “Best show out there imo, shout out to the cast and crew of Brooklyn 99, thanks for the memories.”

A third added: “Still crying,” and a heartbreak emoji, while a fourth said: “Just finished the

last episode of Brooklyn 99 and I’m fricking crying, I honestly didn't think I would.”

Others called the show a perfect goodbye (

However, others were thrilled with the finale, calling it “perfect” and one of the “best episodes” of the series.

“What an amazing way to end a show! Amazing finale season and an amazing finale episode!” said one viewer.

A second said: “That was the perfect goodbye.”

“The best ending ever!” a third enthused. “I have too many tears!”

Brooklyn 99 will be missed (

A fourth added: “The final episode is the most @nbcbrooklyn99 episode ever. That was the perfect series finale for one of the greatest shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Thank you for eight wonderful years, squad,” while a fifth said: “Perfect ending for a perfect series.”

We’re going to miss the Squad. Here’s to you, the Nine-Nine.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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