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British Woman Says She's In 'Hell' After Being Forced To Isolate In Mallorca

British Woman Says She's In 'Hell' After Being Forced To Isolate In Mallorca

People are absolutely fuming at this.

A British woman has sparked debate after appearing on ITV’s Lorraine to complain about the conditions of her isolation in a hotel room in Mallorca.

The Spanish isle was readded to the UK's amber list at 4am on Monday morning, forcing stricter travel rules on those returning to the UK.

Gabriella appeared on a segment entitled: “HOLIDAY HELL: TRAPPED IN A QUARANTINE HOTEL”, where she talked about having to isolate in a hotel room after her and her friend Georgia tested positive for Coronavirus on a four-day break to Mallorca.

They must self-isolate in Mallorca for ten days before returning to England and isolating for a further ten days as part of amber list protocol.

A knock on the door also interrupted the interview which Gabriella explained was the cleaner for her room.

When Dr Hilary Jones explained that she can't have cleaners in the room while isolating, Gabriella said: "I've had doctors in, nurses in - I've had them [the cleaners].

"Georgia hasn't had any doctors or nurses in her room because of the Covid, but we've both had cleaners in every day."

People weren't happy the woman was being given airtime (

But the clip didn't go down well on viewers at home, with one tweeting: “It’s almost as if going on a foreign holiday in a pandemic is a bad idea. Who knew. #Lorraine

Another tweeted: “@lorraine omg why are you giving airtime to someone who selfishly decided to go [abroad] during a pandemic!! Only 1 jab and is moaning because she has to isolate.”

Viewers weren't impressed with what Georgia had to say (

“You chose to go on holiday. Now you’ve got to quarantine in a hotel for free. Now you’re moaning about the hotel and the food? Others in UK don’t go on tv to moan when they have to quarantine? #lorraine”, said someone else.

One Twitter user simply declared: “The warning should be - don’t go on holiday during a worldwide pandemic #lorraine”.

The segment even caused some viewers to switch off (

Another Twitter user said: “#lorraine what is this cr*p and this presenter is awful…"

"woman complaining about FREE quarantine hotel in #Majorca perhaps you’d prefer to pay £1750 in the U.K. for a tiny room, no balcony, awful food, & definitely no cleaner”.

Another annoyed viewer said: “Georgia is so emotional that SHE made the decision to travel abroad and now SHE has to isolate like every other person whom has travelled during this pandemic."

"Least they got their 15 minutes of fame #Lorraine”.

Someone else stated: “I’m turning over now . holiday Is a choice not [essential] in a global pandemic #lorraine girls I know your young but “Hell” is a strong term ."

"Cleaner shouldn’t be going in room either in isolation. Sorry no sympathy”.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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