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BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood Dragged To Ground By Dog Live On Air

BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood Dragged To Ground By Dog Live On Air

This is one weather report we'll never forget!

Animals on live television is always a gamble and BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood would likely agree after Monday’s show.

The 59-year-old weather presenter was pulled to the ground and dragged by a guide dog today after giving today’s forecast.

Golden Labrador Flash pulled at her lead, leaving Carol on the floor with just her legs visible in the shot.

Watch the hilarious clip below:

In Chelsea, where Carol presented the weather, she replied: “Flash is strong!”

She eventually got back to her knees and managed to put her earpiece back into her ear.

BBC Breakfast co-presenter Sally Nugent quipped: "Flash had just spotted a treat!"

Dan then asked: "Are you alright, Carol?"

Carol ended up on the floor (

Sally added: "Are you alright?"

"Yes!" Carol replied eventually. "Yes, she’s a very strong girl, Flash."

Although slightly flustered, she managed to finish the segment without any more pooch-related accidents.

That's one way to start the week!

This is the latest in a series of on-air faux pas for weather presenters on breakfast TV.

Good Morning Britain's weather presenter weather presenter Laura Tobin took to the skies on a rollercoaster live on air in a dress.

The 39-year-old opted for a change of scenery for the weekend’s weather update, but as the Swarm ride at Thorpe Park took off, she soon realised her billowing blue dress may not have been the best choice.

Watch the video below:

Presenter Ben Shephard was left cringing back in the studio, as he and co-presenter Kate Garraway winced as Laura’s dress almost flew open, leading to several close calls.

Laura tried her best to keep the dress from flying in the wind as she laughed hysterically on the rollercoaster.

Ben almost had his head in his hands watching.

Kate said: "Do you think she thought through the skirt?"

"No," Ben responded. "I feel quite uncomfortable."

Being a weather presenter is hardcore!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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