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And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are Furious At Miranda After Latest Episode

And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are Furious At Miranda After Latest Episode

“What the hell Miranda?”

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for And Just Like That

Fans have been left stunned watching the latest episode of And Just Like That, the long-anticipated Sex and the City reboot.

The revival of the classic 90’s dramedy has already been packed with surprising twists and turns, such as Mr Big’s sudden death, leaving Carrie completely heartbroken, and the unexpected return of his ex-wife Natasha.

But the latest instalment of And Just Like That hinted at potential heartbreak for Miranda and Steve, after Miranda engages in a sexual act with Carrie’s podcast co-host Che Diaz.

Sparks have been flying between the pair (

The pair, who have been flirting with each other for a while, end up getting hot and heavy in Carrie’s kitchen while Carrie lies in bed next door, recovering from hip surgery.

The encounter comes after Miranda confessed to Charlotte in the last episode that her and Steve no longer have sex, and she felt the pair were more like roommates than husband and wife.

Nonetheless, fans were disappointed in Miranda for cheating, taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Fans were not happy that this meant Steve and Miranda could be over (

Referencing the first film, where Steve and Miranda reconciled after Steve confessed to cheating, one fan wrote: “Miranda and Steve’s relationship hinged on Miranda forgiving him for cheating on her and meeting on a f*****g bridge. And now she just cheats on him so easily? Holy s*** this reboot sucks.”

“I keep watching and keep feeling extremely annoyed by Miranda… You met Steve on the bridge to not f*** him anymore and become a lesbian?!” vented a second.

Others were stunned at how Miranda treated Carrie, who was recovering from surgery (

A third fumed: “Did they replace Miranda with another clone? Why is she so confused and lost? I thought she already figured out who her true love is and now she’s saying she’s trapped? Poor Steve being strung along all these years?”

And a fourth lamented: “I couldn’t help but wonder, why have they RUINED Miranda and Steve like Brooklyn Bridge meant NOTHING?”

The episode concludes with Carrie and Miranda having a heated argument, with Miranda conceding that she may well have a drinking problem.

Is this it for Miranda and Steve (

But could her moment with Che really mean things are over between her and Steve?

We’ll just have to keep watching to find out…

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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