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And Just Like That: Cast Of Children In SATC Reboot Announced

And Just Like That: Cast Of Children In SATC Reboot Announced

Brady, Lily and Rose have all grown up.

We honestly cannot wait for the Sex and The City spin-off coming to HBO Max.

Titled And Just Like That, the new series sees our favourite (and formerly single) girls Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte navigate the trials and tribulations that their fifties have to bring them.


The kids have all grown up (
HBO - Warner Bros)

As it’s been nearly 20 years since we first met the threesome and watched them progress in their careers, fall in love and start families, we’re actually seeing Miranda and Charlotte’s little ones all grown up.

The oldest of the three, and Miranda’s only child, Brady, will be played by 26-year-old Niall Cunningham. Niall, who has previously starred in American comedy Life In Pieces, naturally sports Brady’s signature red mop of hair.

Brady was played by Joseph Pupo originally (
HBO/Warner Bros/Instagram - andjustlikethatmax)

Brady was previously played by Joseph Pupo in the original Sex and the City TV series and films. When we last saw the character, he was at grade school – and had clearly inherited Miranda’s brains, as he’d just won a science competition.

Meanwhile, Lily Goldenblatt has been cast as 25-year-old Cathy Ang, who has starred in Over the Moon. The role was previously shared between twins Alexandra and Parker Fong.

Charlotte, who documented her struggles with her fertility throughout the series, decided to adopt a baby girl from China alongside her lawyer husband Harry in the final episode of Sex and the City. In the second film, we see Lily as a preschooler, currently struggling to become a bigger sister.

Lily was previously played by a set of twins (
HBO/Warner Bros/Instagram - andjustlikethatmax)
The final addition to the series is 12-year-old Alexa Swinton, who will play Charlotte’s younger daughter Rose Goldenblatt, Charlotte managed to conceive Rose by chance in the first Sex and the City film, and we see Rose going through her ‘terrible twos’ in the second film – seeing Charlotte struggle.

Rose was again a role share between twins Liliana and Sabrina Pizzuto, who have since decided to step out of the spotlight. Alexa, however, has previously starred in drama series Billions and M Night Shamalan’s Old.

Rose was just two when we last saw her in SATC (
HBO/Warner Bros/Instagram - andjustlikethatmax)

These new faces join the series as Kim Cattrall, who played the legendary Samantha Jones, bows out of the Sex and the City franchise.

The actor chose not to rejoin her castmates in the spin-off, following a well-documented feud with leading star and producer, Sarah Jessica Parker.


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