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People Are Calling A Boy Called Christmas 'Magical'

People Are Calling A Boy Called Christmas 'Magical'

We can't wait to watch this.

Christmas is a time for snuggling with loved ones on the sofa with a hot chocolate and putting on your fave festive films.

But a new movie called A Boy Called Christmas has just come out and people are already in love with its magic.

Watch the trailer below:

A Boy Called Christmas is based on a book of the same name by Matt Haig and is the origin story to how Father Christmas came to be. The movie follows Nicholas, a boy on a mission (with his pet mouse) to find his father who is searching for the mystical land of the elves.

The film is based on the book of the same name by Matt Haig (
Sky CInema/Netflix/StudioCanal)

One festive film convert took to Twitter to share: "I'm not one for Christmas movies but "A Boy Called Christmas" was really good. First movie I've seen that felt genuinely magical in a long time".

Someone else used the film to mark the start of the season: "A Boy Called Christmas on @netflix. This was our post-turkey dinner, first Christmas movie to begin the Christmas season. It was beautifully done!! Loved it SO much!!🥰".

People are calling this their new comfort movie (
Sky Cinema/Netflix/StudioCanal)

Another person just had to recommend the flick: "If you want a charming, whimsical, and heartfelt family holiday film, A Boy Called Christmas is a must watch. An original and brilliant story."

Yet another fan declared: "A boy called Christmas is now one of my comfort movies!"

People were also especially taken with Maggie Smith's performance.

Some people got very emotional over Maggie Smith's performance (
Sky Cinema/Netflix/StudioCanal)

One Twitter user wrote: "Awww I just watched "A boy called Christmas" 😊 It's a really cute movie to show to children for Christmas. Maggie Smith is always cool !"

While someone else get very emotional over a Maggie Smith moment: "Not me watching “A Boy Called Christmas” with my 5 and 7 year old and being the only one who is crying when Maggie Smith says, “The darkest night will end. The sun will rise, and Christmas mornings will come again, when anything and everything can happen.”"

Sounds like it's the perfect thing to make us all warm and fuzzy this Christmas.

A Boy Called Christmas is available to watch on Sky Cinema and in cinemas in the UK and Netflix in the US now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Sky Cinema/StudioCanal

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