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90 Day Fiancé Is Coming To The UK - And You Can Still Apply

90 Day Fiancé Is Coming To The UK - And You Can Still Apply

Could you find love on 90 Day Fiancé?

Listen up, reality TV fans. 90 Day Fiancé is coming to the UK - and you could be on it.

Yep, the chaotic series, which started in America and centred around couples hoping to secure a K-1 visa - is officially looking for British contestants to star in a new spinoff.

Each couple will be made up of a British and a non-British individual, and much like the original show, will be followed as they navigate their first 90 days in the UK together, before deciding whether to say 'I do' or return back to their prospective homes.

The show profiles couples looking to secure a K-1 visa (

So, if you're looking for a romantic whirlwind - or just residency in the UK - then now could be your chance.

Ahead of signing up to the show, you should know that there will likely be tears, tantrums and touching moments in equal measure.

You should also be prepared for the fact the person you're jetting to marry may not quite be who they are promising to be. Or, err... you could realise you hate their guts.

The show will help couples meet for the first time here in the UK, and try to weather a new life together.

But as any die hard fan of the series will know, not everybody survives their engagements unscathed.

Check out a trailer for the US series below, to get a taste:

Sharing an ad recruiting the applicants on Twitter, TV casting company, Cast Me wrote: "90 Day Fiancé has come to the UK and we’re currently casting.

"Please email us at [email protected] or click on this link to apply".

The application states that anybody applying must be over 18, and must not currently work in reality TV.

Other than that, if your love story sounds like a good fit you could well be in with a shot...

Clare Laycock, SVP Planning & Insights, Head of Entertainment at Discovery, said: “For the past seven years, the 90 Day franchise has captured the hearts of audiences all around the world.

Contestants are often put to the test on the show (

"Now we’re excited to bring 90 Day fans this brand new British spinoff with an all new cast. 90 Day Fiancé UK promises to bring all the drama, emotions and controversy our passionate 90 Day fans love. Will uprooting their lives to find love in the UK pay off?”

The 90 Day franchise is now available on discovery+ in the UK. 90 Day Fiancé UK will launch exclusively on discovery+ UK later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Discovery+

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