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You Can Stay In An Oxford Hotel That Used To Be A Prison

You Can Stay In An Oxford Hotel That Used To Be A Prison

Fancy spending a night behind bars?

Experience hotels and staycations are all the range at the moment, from a holiday on the Spice Girls tour bus to a visit to Britain's most haunted castle.

But we've just found the perfect trip for true crime fanatics...

What if we told you that you could stay the night in a building which was once a Victorian prison?

The only catch is there will be no chains and shackles. Oh, no. This prison has since had a serious upgrade.

Fancy staying in a converted jail? (
Instagram/ Malmaison Oxford)

Now a hotel, named The Malmaison, the building is offering up a far more luxurious experience than inmates would have got back in the day.

It was a prison until 1996, and several of the 'prison-like' features are still in tact, like its wings and converted cells.

Guests have two options, a stay in the modern House of Correction or a trip to the A-wing, which still has cell rooms with thick walls, vaulted ceilings and original iron doors.

While a night in a cell might not sound too appealing, they've had a serious refurb' since the 90s.

You can stay in a former cell-block (
Malmaison Oxford)

Now, A-wing rooms are comprised of three cells knocked together. One is used as the bathroom (that means no stinky metal cell-block toilets), and two make up the bedroom itself.

All the cells are decorated with romantic red and brown tones, huge king-sized beds and TVs on the walls.

And if you want to shell out for a club room, you'll even be lucky enough to enjoy a roll-top bath and a separate walk-in shower, too.

The prison-themed fun doesn't stop there. You can also book a meal at the hotel's restaurant, Chez Mal Brasserie, which used to be the jail's solitary confinement wing. Eery or what?

Original features are still in place (
Malmaison Oxford)

Luckily, the brasserie is now full of life and we can guarantee you won't be the only one there.

There's also a terrace which used to be the prison’s exercise yard, which is open for guests to visit, too.

The building is steeped in history, as before it was a Victorian prison it was the site of Oxford Castle - which has since been demolished.

So, hey, if you're looking for a ghost hunting experience, you might well find that here, too!

To check out prices and book yourself a stay, click here.

Featured Image Credit: Malmaison Oxford

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