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You Can Now Stay In The Grinch’s Cave Over Christmas

You Can Now Stay In The Grinch’s Cave Over Christmas

Fans of The Grinch can now head to the famous Whoville hideaway for a unique Christmas stay.

Fans of The Grinch can now head to Whoville for Christmas and experience a unique stay in the Grinch’s lair.

A cave in Boulder, Utah, has been carved out to look exactly like the famous Crumpit Dr. hideaway. The grotto comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and features the Grinch’s organ, Max’s drum, a library, and a kitchen, to name a few of the commodities from the movie.

“My kitchen is stocked with a few of my favourites. We're talking Who-hash, roast beast, and Who-pudding,” said the Grinch. “Of course, you’ll still need to bring your own food. Plus, the coffee maker makes the best worst macchiato on earth.”

“Each morning you can enjoy the feeling of waking up on either of the two wrong sides of my bed,” added the Grinch. “You can stand and stare at yourself in the mirror, but whatever you do, please don’t touch my custom tailored Turkish green fur pants, or my green fur shoes, or anything else really.”

The Grinch's lair has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. (

You can look at what the Grinch has been reading in his library. (

The Grinch's dressing room.  (

The kitchen is stocked with some of the Grinch's favourite snacks. (

The Grinch’s cave availability 

The Grinch’s pad is available to rent for a limited time only, between 13th-31st December 2021.

The unique holiday home is listed on US holiday rental site Vacasa and bookings can be made from today (3rd December).

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How much is a stay in the Grinch’s lair?

The Grinch’s lair is available to rent for $20 (£15) per night.

The company has warned that the cave is in a remote location, so guests will need to take their own food, drink and other supplies.

In addition, Grinch warned, “I like to be alone. Very, very alone. So I chose a cave that’s intentionally a little hard for visitors to get to. Make sure you have a car that’s at least a crossover or larger for the trail leading up Mt. Crumpit. A Prius will definitely not work.”

Guests are also advised that the Grinch’s lair does not have TV or wifi, so they may want to take some things to entertain themselves. Although the Grinch has left his chess board for visitors. 

Featured Image Credit: Vacasa

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