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People Think The New Cadbury White Tastes Just Like The Old Dream Chocolate Bar

People Think The New Cadbury White Tastes Just Like The Old Dream Chocolate Bar

Chocolate fans have been left divided over 'Cadbury White' claiming it's a rebranding of the 'Dream' bar.

Natalie Corner

Natalie Corner

To those sweet-toothed snackers amongst us, the Cadbury Dream bar needs no introduction.

There was a time when the thick, creamy white chocolate lined the shelves of any respectable corner shop in its eye-catching blue wrapper, and was the perfect treat to grab on-the-go.

Cadbury have introduced a white chocolate bar called 'Cadbury White' (

But then, alas, it disappeared and we thought we'd never get another Cadbury white chocolate bar again - until now.

Introducing Cadbury White, the 2019 version of the OG classic.

Selling exclusively at ASDA for £2 a bar, fans are convinced that the dreamy bars taste "exactly the same" and that their "prayers have been answered" that it had returned.

But for some chocolate fans the new bar reminds them of an old favourite - the Cadbury Dream bar (

News that a Cadbury White bar had been launched filtered through snack fans confirming that it was available to buy and that it was on offer at the supermarket, two bars for £3.

"The new Cadbury's white chocolate tastes the same as dream used to and I'm happy," wrote Soph on Twitter.

"This new Cadbury White chocolate tastes exactly like what the Dream bars used to taste like," added chocolate fan Taylor.

One chocolate fan named Josh revealed that he had spotted the sweet treat and "confirmed" it was the same.

"Words cannot describe how much I love this! Great taste just like the 'Dream Bar', just rebranded," wrote one reviewer on ASDA online.

A delighted woman named Laura tweeted along with a snap of the bar: "I only found out the other day that Cadbury's do white chocolate now! This was sitting on my desk this morning and it tastes amazing!"

Others were a little more dubious about the taste writing scathing reviews.

Some shoppers were not impressed and left reviews on ASDA online (
They didn't hold back and left a scathing review (

"Tastes nothing like the discontinued 'Dream', just tastes like sugar! Milky bar is way better. Please don't waste your money on this," wrote one angry customer.

"Unfortunately this tastes like cheap, sugary white chocolate, milkybar is still the best!" said another.

Chocolate fans wrote of their outrage at the taste on Facebook (
People pointed out the similarities (

"I have tried this but didn't like the taste at all. As much as I love Cadbury chocolate Nestle make the best white chocolate by far," wrote one person on Facebook.

"I love Cadburys but this is horrible literally has no flavour," said one unhappy shopper.

Cadbury's don't stop with just that offering, ASDA are also selling Freddo white chocolate treasures (90p) and giant white buttons (£1).

We're yet to get our hands on a bar but with such a divided response we're hopeful it will stick around for a little longer than Christmas so we can try it!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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