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Over 100 New Emojis Unveiled Including Pregnant Man And Gender-Neutral Options

Over 100 New Emojis Unveiled Including Pregnant Man And Gender-Neutral Options

Inclusivity – we love to see it.

We love adding an emoji or two to our WhatsApp convos – and now, we have even more to choose from.

Unicode Consortium, the company that approves the picture emoticons for use, has included over 100 new emojis that are set to his devices next year.

The new emojis, posted by Emojipedia in honour of World Emoji Day, are among some of the most inclusive we’ve seen yet, catering for the wide spectrum of genders and all races to make emojis increasingly accessible.

The new emojis will be racially diverse (

Trans and non-binary pregnancies will now be represented in the emoji set, thanks to two new gender options for the “pregnant woman” emoji. There will also be a ‘person with crown’ emoji to cater for gender-neutral royalty.

Elsewhere, multi-racial handshakes are also becoming options in the emoji keyboard.

Gender-neutral and transgender emojis have also featured (

Additional new emojis include hands making a heart shape and someone biting their lip - plus faces melting, saluting, holding back tears, and a face peeking out between their fingers.

Speaking about the new range of emojis, Jeremy Burge, the chief emoji officer of the reference site Emojipedia, explained the new update will mean “nearly all emojis can have default a gender-neutral option, with choice to use a woman or man where relevant.”

Other new emojis include beans, trolls and biting lips (

Once the emojis have been approved and a code have been set, phone companies such as Apple and Google are then allowed to design their own emojis based on the descriptions provided.

New emojis are then distributed to users in the form of a software update. 

Some emojis have been changed in more recent months to more accurate reflect the state of the world. In the last year, Apple chose to adjust their syringe emoji by removing the blood within it to be more reflective of the ongoing worldwide efforts to vaccinate people against Covid-19.

Featured Image Credit: Emojipedia

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