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People Are Calling This £12 Gadget A 'Godsend' For Killing Mosquitoes

People Are Calling This £12 Gadget A 'Godsend' For Killing Mosquitoes

It's been labelled as the "absolute rolls royce fly zapper" by one reviewer

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Summer has finally arrived in the UK, with temperatures soaring to highs of 30 degrees celsius for most of the next week. But one downside to the sun coming out is that the mosquitos and flies do too. And this £12 gadget on Amazon could just be the solution.

Customers are raving about the ZAP IT! Bug Zapper on Amazon, which electrocutes any bug which flies into the racket. It has over 4,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, with one reviewer calling it the "absolute rolls royce" of fly zappers.

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What is it and how do you use it?

The ZAP IT! Bug Zapper is a battery-powered fly swatter that delivers 4,000 volts of electricity to any bug that hits it, instantly killing them.

The racket comes in three sizes (Mini for £12, Medium or Large for £16) and also features a bright LED light for using in the dark.

It boasts up to 10,000 zaps per charge and when it is er... zapped out, all you need to do is recharge it using the USB cable provided.

To use it, you simply slide the button on the side of the handle up to turn it on and then hold the other button on the front of the handle down to activate the electric current. Then just swing until the targets are eliminated.

One bonus to this design is it doesn't pointlessly use electricity because it's only on when you hold your finger down on the front button.

"The best thing is you don't use batteries as it charges by USB port, and yes, I have eliminated tiny flies, spiders and big wasps!" wrote one reviewer.

ZAP IT! Rechargeable Mosquito, Fly Swatter/Killer and Bug Zapper Racket (

Is it safe?

While one customer jokingly asked if it could also be used to 'encourage' family members to do their homework, this product is strictly for use on creepy crawlies.

A "triple layer" of protection around the outside of the racket ensures that part isn't live, so you can't zapped while using it.

Moreover, as it needs the operator to hold the button down for it to work, there's no fear of somebody touching it when it's not in use and getting zapped.

Amazon electric bug swatting racket (

What are people saying?

One reviewer said it was the best anniversary gift she'd ever bought her husband (each to their own I suppose).

"Bought this for my husband for our Anniversary! After 35 years I had run out of ideas," she joked. "This is honestly the best thing I've bought him! He is even thinking of removing our door screens to let more flies in just so he can zap them." A little sadistic, but okay.

Another titled their review of the product: "Quality man toy. Absolute rolls royce fly zapper!" and said: "It is a lot stronger than my previous [fly zappers] and there is no danger that it will snap if I swat it too hard."

"It doesn't just sizzle flies a bit it explodes them!!!

"I went through a swarm of mosquitoes in my garden and it fried the lot in seconds. Just swished it back and forth and there were bits of exploded fly everywhere. Hours of fun!

"Just be careful you do not whack the light bulb...they tend to break!" Solid bit of advice there.

And with many flocking to campsites for a staycation this year, this reviewer confirms it's a must on the packing list:

"We have used battery operated bug zappers and find the rechargeable much more powerful and without the need to replace batteries.

"This product is great, very good value and works as intended.

"We use the zappers in our static caravan which is located near a farm and make use of them inside and outside. No hesitation in recommending this product."

ZAP IT! Bug Zapper is available from £12 via Amazon

Featured Image Credit: ZAP IT!

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