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Woman In Hysterics After Spotting ‘NSFW’ Domino's Pizza Leaflet

Woman In Hysterics After Spotting ‘NSFW’ Domino's Pizza Leaflet


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

When our stomachs are rumbling but the fridge doesn't hold anything promising, Domino's is our staple teatime go-to.

Who can resist a large and garlicy pizza, oozing with cheese and plentifully topped with pepperoni?

Well, one mum decided Domino's wasn't for her when a leaflet came through her door from the takeaway brand and showed something rather unappetising, to say the least.

Can you spot it?

People are losing it after spotting this NSFW Domino's leaflet, top right (

Julie Whittock was left aghast when she had a flier come to her house advertising Domino's delicious (and fairly reasonable) Two Tasty deal, where you can grab two mouth-watering medium pizzas and one side for just £19.99.

But it wasn't the good offer that had Julie's eyes falling out of her head, but rather the artful decoration of pepperoni on top of one of the pizzas.

Haven't quite clocked the shape is? Well, look closer and see it's actually quite phallic. Ahem.

The leaflet certainly raised a few eyebrows (

An amused Julie posted a photo of the leaflet on Facebook, writing: "Had this through the door today and my daughter pointed out something.

"I've asked Domino's to explain!"

Naturally, Julie's friends also found the slightly saucy post equally as hilarious, and were quick to flock to the comments.

"At least there's a decent amount of topping on there," one person joked.

Others were stunned at the phallic shape (

A second added: "Is that... penis pizza? Lol."

"I got one too this morning!" a third said. "Now I can't unsee it."

Someone who doesn't have their mind in the gutter like the rest of us commented: "I presumed it was a T for Tasty," while another person wisecracked: "No wonder Domino's call it the Pepperoni Passion."

However, it seems there's a perfectly logical explanation to the peen pizza, with one person who claimed to have previously worked at Domino's explaining the reasoning for the chosen pattern.

A Domino's worker explained what's what (

"I worked for Domino's," they said. "And that's the only way to fit four pieces perfectly per slice and gets your pizza cut evenly."

A spokesperson for Domino's told Tyla: "It may look a bit saucy but the pepperoni slices are perfectly hand-placed every time our pizza chefs freshly make a Pepperoni Passion in store. It's a layout that is unique to Domino's and we've being using the 'T' shape in our pepperoni placement for years.

"We never slice through our pepperoni so that the four pieces per slice guarantees every bite of a Pepperoni Passion is fully loaded with flavour."

Well, thank goodness for that...

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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