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You Can Now Get F*ck Covid-19 Wine

You Can Now Get F*ck Covid-19 Wine

Finally, some news we can raise a glass to

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

It's safe to say that 2020 has been the absolutely worst for everyone, right?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on lives - seeing us separated from our loved ones and many of our jobs left hanging in the balance.

It's enough to make you reach for a stiff drink, to be honest.

You can buy a particularly naughty wine that sums up how we're feeling (
Wines Direct)

Luckily, it seems we're not the only ones who are feeling fed-up with coronavirus, with one savvy (and similarly forthright) winemaker making a very special F**k Covid-19 wine that we must try for our next Zoom quiz.

A deep Amarone (a rich and dry red wine for those who aren't seasoned vinos among us), the F**k Covid wine comes from Italian winemaker Pier Paolo Antolini, who had the idea for the product when the two week coronavirus lockdown became increasingly longer.

Finally, a wine that gets how we feel (

"We realise some of you may express this emotion using more sophisticated vernacular (straight away, we apologise to those curse averse). Still, we can most likely get together on the overall sentiment," the website for the F***k Covid wine reads.

"We decided to create an exclusive case with a fabulous mix of wines to share in commiseration (and our passion for great wine) with you. So here it is, F**K COVID-19! Sláinte and Saluti!"

While you cannot buy just a single bottle of F**k Covid, a case of six bottles of wines is available to order from Wines Direct Ireland for €145, or the equivalent of £130 - something to bear in mind for your next (virtual) drink with the girls.

The wine is also fairly friendly on the wallet (

But that's not the only good news that can be gleamed from Covid-19, with Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis discovering that some of us may be able to claim up to £125 in tax relief.

HMRC confirmed that employees can claim tax relief based on the rate of tax they pay - which works out at £62 a year for basic rate taxpayers and £124 a year at the higher rate - if they'd worked one day from home or more.


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