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M&S Cafés Are Serving Percy Pig Pancakes For Shrove Tuesday

M&S Cafés Are Serving Percy Pig Pancakes For Shrove Tuesday

We're celebrating Pancake Day with our favourite boy, Percy.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Shout out to Marks & Spencer for combining our two great loves - pancakes *and* Percy Pigs.

Not only is the retailer selling Percy Pig pancakes in its cafés today, but the tasty recipe is also mega easy to recreate yourself at home. We. Are. Drooling.

For £2 each, customers at M&S cafés across the country can tuck into a plate of fresh crepe pancakes, drizzled with Percy Pig dessert sauce and topped with the popular squishy sweets.

Fans have already been taking to Instagram with delight over the strawberry-flavoured treat, with one pointing out her "life was complete" after sampling the dish.

Not every Marks and Spencer store has a café, however, so we totally understand the frustration if you're *not* able to pick one up.

You can check if your local has a café over on the M&S website.

But, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a Percy Pig pancake today. In fact, the delicious snack is actually mega easy to recreate at home, with fans posting their own creations online.

We've even popped our own recipe below, so what are you waiting for?

Ingredients - serves 4

For the pancakes

100g plain flour

Two eggs

300ml of milk

Pinch of salt

One tablespoon of oil or butter

Extra oil (for frying)

Feel free to swap for your own favourite recipe or ready-bought pancakes - either traditional or American style.

For the topping

One pack of Percy Pigs

One bottle of Percy Pig dessert sauce

Strawberries or raspberries

Whipped cream

Hundreds and thousands sprinkles


Simply whisk the ingredients together into a batter, before adding a little oil to your frying pan.

Fry until golden brown on either side. Once cooked, you're ready to get stuck into the fun part - the decorating.

If you've chosen traditional, crepe-style pancakes, simply fill with squirty cream, chopped strawberries and a good dose of Percy Pig sauce.

We'd recommend serving with an extra layer of whipped cream, topped with Percy Pig sweets and a good shake of hundreds and thousands.

It's a similar process if you've opted for American-style pancakes, simply stack, before topping with lashings of cream, Percy Pig sauce, the piggy sweets and plenty of sprinkles.

Obviously, feel free to substitute or add whatever toppings you like. You could even go wild and add a few Phizzy Percy Pig Tails.

Don't forget it's Pancake Day, so calories don't count.

Featured Image Credit: Marks and Spencer

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