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This Ultimate Breakfast Toaster Is Perfect For Making A Speedy Full English

This Ultimate Breakfast Toaster Is Perfect For Making A Speedy Full English

You'll be thanking us next weekend when you can cook and tidy away your full english cooking utensils within minutes.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Picture this: It's Saturday morning and you've awoken with a whopper of a hangover. Your head is pounding, your mouth is drier than the Sahara and your belly craves all the grease and carbohydrates it can get.

Enter: a big hearty breakfast.

A glorious breakfast guarantees to bring joy and happiness to a hungover weekend, even if it doesn't cure completely - but the problem is all that effort it takes to make and clear it up.

But now, we have the answer to your weekend woes - a 5-in-1 toaster. Yep, really.

The device is a winning combination, because you can poach eggs, heat your beans and chopped tomatoes and brown your toast all at once - and it literally takes minutes.

The Aicok product is a 5-in-1 breakfast maker and is £42.99 (

My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

You can even use it to boil up to ten eggs at a time - just in case you're really peckish.

For more of a full fry up vibe, you can heat your beans and tomatoes in the three-compartment heater, then remove the dish and use the hot plate beneath to fry up an egg afterwards, or even bacon cut up into small strips - yum!

You can make perfect poached eggs simultaneously with toast in the handy breakfast maker (

It means you literally have one or two small compartments to wash after - but because they're non stick it shouldn't prove too time-consuming thankfully.

It's an easy quick way to get breakfast ready ASAP, with minimal mess and stress - sounds like the cure for any hangover to us.

The product by Aicok will set you back £42.99 from Amazon. And what's also handy about it is it's portable thanks to its small size.

It's compact too so you can easily keep it on the work surface or take it camping (

It won't take up too much worktop space and you can take it with you when you head off camping or caravanning.

Now we're pining even more for the weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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