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You Can Now Buy Malteser Chocolate Biscuits And We Need Them Immediately

You Can Now Buy Malteser Chocolate Biscuits And We Need Them Immediately

We could eat 10 of these in one sitting.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Malteser fans, gather round! Everyone's favourite crispy treats are now available as a biscuit - and they are the perfect snack for a cheeky elevenses.

The delightful treats are shaped with three crunchy 'bobbles' of honeycomb biscuit, coated in the thick, Malteser chocolate we know and love.

Malteser encourages fans to crunch, snap or dunk the biccies in a cuppa - which is exactly what we did when we were lucky enough to try them last week.

We can confirm they have the Tyla seal of approval - and we're not the only ones loving them.

Malteser connoisseurs are already taking to social media to share their glowing reviews, with Instagram page @Newfoodsuk also posted about the biscuits on its page, comparing them to honeycomb Cadbury fingers.

"New! @maltesersuk biscuits! Spotted at @asda they are also available in @sainsburys for £1.50.

"These are lovely and reminded me a lot of the honeycomb Cadbury's Fingers."

The biscuits are priced at £1.49 per pack, available at Asda (

Another fan said they were "next on [her] Malteser agenda" while one described them as being "lethal" - so we're hedging our bets that they're very moreish indeed.

Available at Asda, the biscuits are priced at £1.49 for a pack of five - but as many fans have pointed out, we reckon they won't go very far.

In fact, we're confident we could get through a couple of packs with just one cup of tea, to be honest.

Malteser say more than a third of chocolate biscuits are eaten in the afternoon, making them perfect for a 3pm pick-me-up. They'll also hit the shelves in Sainsbury's and Tesco from March.

In other exciting chocolate news, you can now buy caramel twirls in the UK.

The delicious treats feature the same chocolate shell, but instead of the usual milk chocolate interior, they're filled with caramel-flavoured white chocolate flakey goodness, instead.

We'll have both, please!

Featured Image Credit: Mars

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